TVBET: Flying the ‘nest’ to find new market opportunities

New products, markets and a strong network of local representatives is helping to drive growth for TVBET, according to Head of Sales and Business Development Ewelina Antonakos.

Speaking to SBC News, Antonakos began discussions by reflecting on her role at TVBET, disclosing that it was the “numerous professional opportunities” and “unique verticals” that drew her to the company.

Since joining the company from GLI Europe, she explained that TVBET has grown quite considerably in the last few years. This growth, Antonakos believes, has largely been due to a combination of teamwork and delivering a well-operating product.

She said: “Before I joined the team, TVBET was already quite visible; two years of exhibiting definitely made a visible impact on the brand! I can’t really pinpoint one individual area which has grown the most, every department is working tirelessly to meet clients expectations. It’s a combination of teamwork and our ability to deliver a well-operating product. 

“TVBET’s policy is firmly rooted in flexibility and keeping an open-mind. If clients want to engage more, we will be there to support their goals, as those are a part of TVBET as well. We are doing a lot of things in regard to product development, some of our clients are trying to get the market advantage through TVBET.”

Looking towards the future, Antonakos believes that TVBET will continue to strengthen its position in the betting and gaming market by expanding into new jurisdictions alongside the roll out of new games such as Teen Patti and Anda Bahar.

Highlighting the growing potential of Latin America, Asia and Africa, she reaffirmed that TVBET’s core focus will always be on its home ground of Poland.

“Like every company in the industry, we are always hunting for new opportunities. To enforce this, we are continuously hiring local reps to best achieve those targets. We have already closed some interesting deals in Latin America through platform providers. There are a few more opportunities pending, but this one needs to stay under wraps for now! 

“Asia has opened up to us as well through a white label project where we created custom studios for our partner which has garnered a lot of attention. Africa has been a challenge, as convincing partners takes a little longer than anywhere else. But thanks to our very devoted representatives, change is coming. 

“Europe is still our main focus, but due to complicated regulations, it’s moving less dynamically. Poland, our “nest”,  has high priority and we have fantastic cooperation with the operators here. 

“They are very invested in proper placement and presentation, engaged in promoting our games to the players. We managed to acquire the majority of the market here, players are opening up to us and learning about TVBET’s content. Some of those companies are international players which creates additional opportunities for us.”

Watch the full interview HERE

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