How sports betting operators can attract slot players with TVBET games

Sports betting operators now exist in a world where the player has the freedom to select from hundreds of online options, writes Peter Korpusenko, CEO at TVBET. 

This choice might be based on the odds attached to betting selections, the layout of the site, proprietary features, or even the IT capacity behind the whole operation.

However you look at it, it’s hard to overstate the level of competition for players between operators, which is why the pressure is always there to find new strategies and techniques that will attract new customers, as well as retain the old ones.

How can you build out your sportsbook audience to take more bets? Nowadays, operators tend to come up with loyalty programs or various forms of promotional events designed to draw the attention of new customers. 

Now, we know that this will be completely ineffective unless you have applied the crucial first component of the recipe – an innovative and multi-functioning technological platform.

But let’s assume you have this in place. We also know that there is a big audience of players favouring slot games, or other fast and easy-to-understand casino games. The activity of these players could have a significant impact on your sportsbook’s GGR, right?

So, would this audience be interested in the switch? We think we might have the answer.

Here at TVBET, we believe that the recipe for catching the fancy of the casino players and cross-selling to sportsbook lies within the live-games integration.

There are several reasons why casino players don’t switch to sports betting. They are used to quick results while betting on sports can often take longer. The second factor is simplicity, which is why such players prefer to spend time playing games that are easy to understand.

Basically, while betting on sports events can be quite a complicated process, where analysis and prior knowledge plays a key part, casino entertainment is created with a simpler focus.

This is why our games are based on the more familiar, and increasingly more trusted, an option of betting on events in real-time, combined with the multi-level jackpot system that remains so popular on traditional casino games.  

Our 11 live games – Keno, 21, 1Bet, 5Bet, 7Bet, JokerBet, PokerBet, Wheel of Elements, WheelBet, Backgammon and Lucky6 – are all adapted for the modern era. Players want games that are live-streamed 24/7 with a wide range of betting opportunities and fast outcomes.

A middle-sized bookmaker can easily increase its revenue by up to 30% through integrating this collection of live games. Just as an average, the share of TVBET games amongst other products for our clients has been reaching 25%.

Remember, we also helped one of our key partners to increase the number of monthly bets taken from 6,136 to 452,617 in the space of just six months. In fact, top TVBET partners are now surpassing €500,000 each month.

Put simply, we believe it has become almost irrational to run a sportsbook without reactivating the segment of players who prefer simple and dynamic slot games. Those bookmakers that are embracing the addition of live games are 10 steps ahead of the competition.


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