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Triggy’s Björn Nilsson – “Localisation is nothing, personalisation is everything”

In a global environment where instant is everything, many organisations on a global basis are striving to gain a march on the competition with the latest innovation or tool etc, with ‘personalisation’ becoming an increasingly utilised buzzword.

One such example is Triggy, who after struggling with outsourced development of its TriggySport app, brought it in-house, re-worked and subsequently rolled-out very recently.

Intended to be integrated by operators, SBC News spoke to Björn Nilsson, co-founder of Triggy, regarding the new offering, where live betting is currently going wrong, and how his firm is attempting to bridge the gap.

“…operators, and providers, don’t make use of the internet and the digital tools available…”


SBC: Could you begin by telling our readers a little about TriggySport and your story?

Björn Nilsson: Sure! Triggy is a betting focused live score product that we integrate with betting operators in lean and smart ways. Our goal is to help operators engage their players with data driven products to generate more turnover.

Triggy comes attached with push notifications and AI-based next bet suggestions. We launched TriggySport in App Store a short-time ago, to show operators how it works in a live environment.

Daniel, Stefan and I met a bit over a year ago to discuss the gaps and opportunities in the mobile betting industry. We all agreed that operators, and providers, don’t make use of the internet and the digital tools available in the way they could.

What we mean by that is that operators in many ways just moved whatever they had in retail into digital, as they did not understand what the future would hold. Then again, who did? They have still not caught on though, likely because they are profitable as it is. But these things change and now it is time to adapt.  

SBC: How does Triggy’s operations differ from, and build on, the live betting solutions that are operational?

BN: Live betting today lacks efficiency. Players have to spend an uncalled for amount of time and effort to place a bet. When something of interest happens in a game, a player has to choose what betting site to go to, then he has to find the event list, then the event and the actual market. Then, he has to make a betting decision based on the odds provided.

There are many drop-off points here. We want the operator to serve the player with the bets he is most likely to bite on. Based on the current status in the game, what just happened and the player’s history – Triggy will help the operator notify the player of the bets he is most likely to want to make right now. One click and you’re in the betslip.

“We believe that personalisation is everything. It will be bread and butter moving forwards”

SBC: How important is the ability to offer an added dimension of personalisation in the current market? And enhancing such offerings moving forward?

BN: We believe that personalisation is everything. It will be bread and butter moving forwards. Localisation is nothing, personalisation is everything. With Triggy, the player chooses what information he wants to listen to and when.

He can either toggle on “match notifications” and he will then get push notifications with general match information, similar to what you would get from any other live score product, but with all notifications the player will get next bet suggestions. Or, the user can choose to listen to specific triggers in an event such as time, odds and score.

The triggers can be used separately or combined. An example would be: “Notify me when/if the odds on Manchester United to win over Everton is over 1.65, the game is tied and there is at least 60 minutes left to play”. That way, a player will only get truly betting specific information and can thus follow many games simultaneously without watching them on TV or live.

SBC: For today’s punters data forms such an important role, can incorporating deep layers of data now be considered essential?

BN: It may not be essential just yet, but the operators that give their players data driven tools to play around with, in their environment, are bound to leap ahead of the competition. We think that it is imperative for operators in this highly competitive environment to offer their players the best services to acquire and, more importantly, retain their players. Bonuses and whatnot are not ways of winning the battle, better products are.

SBC: How is Triggy going to develop its product moving forward? And what do you consider to be both short and long-term targets?

BN: We started with Triggy for soccer. In the short-term we will focus on adding more sports and features to offer the same great live-score and betting experience for other sports. We’ve, for instance, started adding American sports.

In the medium-term we will focus more on personalising the whole front-end experience. We will continue creating data-driven products that thrive on the vast amount of available sports data.

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