Triggy links with Pinnacle to launch live score app

Triggy AB has teamed up with Pinnacle to launch a new branded live score app for the operator which will help drive both customer acquisition and retention.

Through the ‘Pinnacle Live Soccer Scores’ app, players will be able to follow games and teams to get personalised, relevant push notifications.

Björn Nilsson, co-founder at Triggy AB, commented: “The release of ‘Pinnacle Live Soccer Scores’ is a major achievement for Triggy! It is a testament to that we are an interesting partner for forward thinking sports betting operators that want to own the full In-Play betting experience.

“We are now busy finalising development of betting oriented live score products for the US market with focus on American Football and Basketball.”

Players will also be able to utilise the app’s ‘Trigger’ functionality, enabling them to set alerts for odds, times, and goals – all of which will help enhance the in-play betting experience.

Paris Smith, CEO at Pinnacle, added: “We’re very excited to provide our customers with a new way to follow live soccer action, which comes at a perfect time with the return of the major domestic leagues.

“Triggy has done a fantastic job designing a useful and easy-to-use app, which sits as a nice companion to our core sportsbook. Internally, we have a renewed sense of focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, and the Pinnacle Live Scores app will play an important role within our wider strategy.”

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