Stats Perform enhances PressBox as part of ‘strategic focus on fan engagement’

Stats Perform has strengthened its fan engagement product offering by enhancing the PressBox platform with an integration of PressBox Graphics to further boost visual content creation.

The sports technology and AI company aims to provide visualised graphics along with data and insights to sports teams, leagues and media outlets, identifying a challenge faced by these organisations of ‘capturing, engaging and grabbing fans’ attention across different mediums’ such as stadium screens, scoreboards, broadcasting and social media. 

By incorporating PressBox Graphics into the wider platform, Stats Perform intends to enable its users to produce graphics in seconds, using AI solutions and Opta sports data – building on the long-term use of the latter as well as the acquisition of 13 Strides, a takeover carried out with the ambition of boosting the firm’s visual graphics offering.

Nancy Hensley, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Stats Perform, said: “We are excited to have PressBox Graphics join the PressBox platform, not only is this enabling high speed production of stunning visuals, but it is now easier for our clients to leverage the entire PressBox suite of products, all powered by the world’s best sport’s data and AI. Content is king, and time is money, with PressBox Graphics, we can address both challenges.”

The development represents a further enhancement of the PressBox platform as Stats Perform implements its “strategic focus on fan engagement,” building on the launch of PressBox Live and PressBox Video earlier this year. 

The strengthening of PressBox has been conducted with the goal of creating a product offering in-play storytelling, video discovery and visual content creation within a single platform.

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