Amazing Gaming steps up sporting coverage through AmazingODDS

The breadth of sports data provided by AmazingODDS has been stepped up to cover up to 60,000+ sporting events each month, including the biggest matches across the most prominent US sports and the highest profile contests played out on the top 20 esports titles.

One of two headline sportsbook products for Amazing Gaming, the AmazingODDS service – managed by in-house live traders combined with the providers uniquely built trading algorithm – now covers over 35,000 pre-live and 25,000 live events across more than 55 sports.

James Davies, Sales Executive for Amazing Gaming, said that the changes were made to “provide greater coverage for the firm’s Asian operators” and new regulated European market incumbents.

The feed’s single source data point, provided via a “lightning fast” TCP API connection, includes event data, live and pre live odds, suspensions, settlement outcomes, results, translations and various other meta data sent via a well-structured in-feed messaging service.

Meanwhile, the provision of live odds has been boosted by the addition of ‘Fast Bets’, which allows operators to provide players the options to bet in-play on markets such as next goal, corner, free-kick- goal-kick, red card or throw-in.

Davies added: “The AmazingODDS service is a highly data driven and cost effective solution for operators that wish to build their own solution or add more coverage alongside its existing feed.

“The service provides the operator with all the raw event and odds data they would need. We provide our clients with a direct single source API connection that provides them with second by second real time data covering over 60,000 events per month in both live and pre-live.”

Operators that implement this solution are also provided with a highly experienced trading account manager from within the Amazing Gaming trading team, and a lightweight admin tool with which they can directly manage the live and pre-live event ‘trees’, as well as set the limits and preferred margins.

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