SBC News Christoffer Ødegården, Bojoko: meeting the growing demands of the Canadian market

Christoffer Ødegården, Bojoko: meeting the growing demands of the Canadian market

With a population of more than 38 million people, the Canadian market holds a wealth of potential for casino companies looking to expand their international footprint. But as more operators flood into the market, it becomes increasingly difficult for players to choose who to gamble with. This is where Bojoko comes in.

Christoffer Ødegården, Head of Casino at Bojoko, spoke with SBC News where he discussed the increased focus on the Canadian market and the impressive number of new casino reviews published on their platform.

SBC: Can you tell us a bit about your increased focus on the Canadian market and what makes it an attractive market for Bojoko?

CØ: Bojoko is always looking for new markets to expand our product, and the Canadian market has been on our radar for quite some time. With a population of over 38 million and a strong interest in online gaming, it’s an incredibly promising market.

SBC: Can you tell us more about Bojoko’s recent expansion in the Canadian market and what should we expect in the future?

CØ: Yes, Bojoko has published 36 new casino reviews on its platform this year, with approximately 15-16 per month in January and February. We are thrilled to keep adding reviews of such a large number of new online casinos this year. The Canadian market is a great prospect for us, and we are continuously reviewing new casinos to make sure Canadian players have access to the best and most reputable ones

Our commitment to improving and expanding our product is unwavering, whether that’s through adding new casinos, improving our search functionality, or offering more comprehensive reviews. We will continue to listen to feedback from our users and adapt accordingly, as we expect to sustain our growth in the future.

SBC: What do you think Canadian players care about the most when it comes to online casinos, and how does Bojoko fulfill that demand?

CØ: Canadian players value transparency and trustworthiness. They want to know that they are playing on a safe and secure platform that is committed to responsible gaming.

Bojoko fulfills this demand by only featuring licensed and regulated operators on our site, and by providing players with all the information on conditions specific to each province, so they can make informed decisions about which casino to choose.
We also have a dedicated team of experts that works tirelessly to ensure that our players have access to the best possible gaming experience.

SBC: How does Bojoko ensure that its reviews remain unbiased and objective?

CØ: At Bojoko, we have a strict set of guidelines and protocols in place to ensure the impartiality and objectivity of our reviews. Our team of experts evaluates each casino based on a set of criteria, like the quality and range of games, payment options, customer service, and licensing and regulation.
We do not accept any payments or incentives from casinos to influence our reviews, and we encourage our users to leave their honest reviews to further enhance transparency and accountability.

SBC: What sets Bojoko apart from other online casino review platforms in the Canadian market?

CØ: Bojoko stands out from other online casino review platforms in Canada because we offer a user-friendly platform that allows players to leave their reviews and ratings of licensed and regulated operators.

Our expert team ensures that our information is reliable and up-to-date, and our detailed casino reviews cover everything from games to payment options to customer service. With this we provide detailed information on each casino, so Canadian players can easily find the casino that best fits their needs.

SBC: What are your expectations about the Canadian gambling market going forward?

CØ: We expect the Canadian gambling market to see significant growth, with more players and new exciting casinos entering the industry. Additionally, the possibility of more provinces adopting regulation and opening up the market to new entrants in their area.

In line with this growth, Bojoko plans to continue publishing high-quality reviews at a good pace to keep up with this expansion. Overall, the future of the Canadian market looks bright and full of potential.

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