Quick Sports: How BetInvest is creating a ‘new level’ of sports events
Source: BetInvest

Quick Sports: How BetInvest is creating a ‘new level’ of sports events

Lockdown left many bettors craving new forms of entertainment as major sporting leagues ground to a halt. And for some, that came in the form of quick sports such as table tennis.

BetInvest, which is targeting both renewal and modernisation, strives to hold up modern sports and explained that ‘now is the perfect time to focus on its Quick Sports service’. 

Having 20 years’ experience in the betting and gaming industry, BetInvest is confident that it understands gambling operators, their intentions to increase player engagement and how they may have to adapt their product portfolio to recover lost revenues.

Led by a team of creative specialists, all of whom are well versed in quick sports and odds calculations, BetInvest highlighted that well developed products can generate new levels of entertainment – especially at a time when returning to fan-filled stadiums is still a distant prospect. 

“The quarantine measures that we faced highlighted the lack of live sports content,” explained head of B2B at BetInvest Ltd, Stanislav Mykhailov. “The cancellation of most high-profile sporting events had an impact on the demand for live sports content. Therefore, BetInvest turned this situation into a new opportunity to develop our Quick Sports service and lead it to the new level.”

Services, developed by the professional team, include table tennis and headis matches. Taking into account company’s involvement and a constant support of the sport industry, BetInvest noted that other disciplines may be organised and exclusively branded upon request. 

The Quick Sports service offers ‘organised matches streaming, scouting and data feed provision services’ – something which BetInvest stated will offer a fresh twist on traditional sports formats.

The solutions provider added that all events from the four sports will be held in a COVID-secure environment, with matches held every 30 minutes, creating a ‘non-stop stream of entertaining sports content’.

Stanislav added: “Taking into account all quarantine measures and social distance it was a new experience to organize and broadcast first matches and secure safe access for scouts. But BetInvest, investing in experts, technology and R&D, will overcome this challenge in the best possible way.”

Taking into account that table tennis is not a “new coming” game, the decision to include it within the Quick Sports service, the supplier said, was largely down to the sport’s dynamic, intense and energy as well as its growth in popularity during the first wave of lockdowns.

BetInvest will offer ‘adrenaline-filled’ games featuring professional players ranked in top categories by the UTTF, Ukrainian table tennis federation.

With 250 matches played on a daily basis – which equates to approximately 8,000 matches per month – BetInvest is confident that its table tennis content solution is ‘the best way to develop business and to lead it to the next level with conquering the world’s major sports betting market’.

Stanislav concluded: “BetInvest offers a Quick Sports service, as a fast, convenient way to get a comprehensive product with plenty of opportunities for customisation. Since BetInvest targets content production and client orientation, there can be no doubts about quality of content and its necessity.”

Discussing why that the main factor for BetInvest is to be flexible and able to customise the product to meet the requirements of their specific region, Stanislav underlined: “For not only surviving, but for leading your business to apparently new level, the best choice are just BetInvest solutions. In addition to the Quick Sports service, we offer platform solutions, eGames, self-service terminals and more.” 

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