Time to renovate: What’s new with BetInvest’s online platform
Image source: BetInvest

Time to renovate: What’s new with BetInvest’s online platform 

BetInvest has taken the last 12 months as an opportunity to reflect and finetune its offering, which includes new and innovative UX and UI for its online platform.

So what’s new? 


The BetInvest online platform, which is certified by NMI, was initially designed with convenience in mind, both for its partners and their players.

But following the ‘major updates’ carried out during 2020, the supplier has revealed that its platform now features an ‘attractive and customisable design’ which has been upgraded with a new frontend and is ‘fully integrated with the new CMS’. 

These upgrades, the platform solutions provider explained, will ensure complete flexibility when managing site content and visualisation across its platform – with ‘unique’ layouts available for desktop, tablet and mobile. 


While searching for new ways to restructure its offering, the supplier’s leadership team ‘imagined the platform as a constructor, which consists of components with its own setting’.

In other words, they visualised header and footers where users could access various different customisable components which would be responsible for the sports menu, teasers, top events and other features.

Within its grand vision, the CMS – provided by BetInvest – now enables BetInvest clients to ‘customise and personalise their own platform in order to make it suitable for specific markets’ via unique descriptions and personalised SEO titles.

This upgrade has proven to be a core component to BetInvest’s partnership with ProBet and Ukrainian Favbet, which has been able to utilise the language-based geo targeting elements available via the platform, thereby meeting the needs of its player base.


The overall design of the platform also underwent some changes during 2020 – now offering a ‘renovated service for white label solutions’. By integrating the Figna system, BetInvest explained that it has been able to repaint the site dynamically, thus making ‘each separate website unique and remarkable’.

A spokesperson for BetInvest shared: “The design that matches with customers’ expectations is the perfect way to connect with players through visual reception and emotions. 

“The confirmation of BetInvest’s targeting on customers is not only the ability to respond to their demands, but the given opportunity for the clients to choose their own styling in any time of need.”


Player verification has been a topic placed under the regulatory spotlight during the last few months, which was why BetInvest carried out a series of upgrades to its authentication processes – including an integration with online mobile payments and identity verification company

“The integration with this service provides a highly secure international document verification,” BetInvest disclosed. “Eventually the photo or scan of the document like an ID card, which is common for EU countries, is used to verify the player. 

“The renovated platform presented by BetInvest provides a quick registration form consisting of two or three fields. This opportunity will help to attract new customers.”

Player segmentation

The final area of the platform that has undergone a makeover is player segmentation. 

Drawing upon its 20 years’ experience in the gaming industry, BetInvest believes that it has a thorough understanding of the demands within the market. 

One feature that is growing in popularity is machine learning. Through the new revamped player segmentation model, algorithms are used to suggest games to the player by segments, creating new categories with automatic recommendations. As a result, BetInvest customers will be able to drive conversion.

In addition, user segments can be divided according to location, period of registration, existence of deposit and affiliates – giving additional flexibility for customers to block the site or content for a certain user segment.

These series of changes allow for the fast and flexible integration of new providers, which BetInvest is confident will help drive its expansion throughout 2021.

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