BetInvest: Why egames is reaching the same level as traditional sports
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BetInvest: Why egames is reaching the same level as traditional sports

In the last year, we have seen a substantial rise in the uptake of ‘egames’ such as virtual betting markets and esports. 

According to BetInvest, this rising demand for egames inspired their team to supply a product that combined the excitement and anticipation of real sport events with a modern approach –  offering its network of operators an alternative to any cancelled event.  

“The demand for digital, virtual and esports has grown several times, and these encourage our clients to take advantage of our egames solutions,” explained Stanislav Mykhailov, head of B2B at BetInvest Ltd.

“By the way, according to Newzoo analysis, the average bets on egames have reached the same level as traditional sports, while the demand and total turnover shows a constant growth regardless of the return of classic sports.” 

Egames have certainly established their presence in the betting and gaming market, creating a vertical where esport and traditional sports events crossover. Looking at one FavBet report in particular, data has shown that the share of NBA and FIFA matches rose up to a 5% in a total sport betting turnover.

Understanding customer needs

“We’ve become one of the market leaders for supplying full content solutions. We provide up to 20,000 events every month, a unique selection of 20 markets, and with live broadcasting from 8 am till 6:30 pm 7 days per week,” Mykhailov continued. 

“For sure we understand the needs of egames fans, especially the way of betting and rooting for. We provide API integration with full event feed and player information.”

In order to meet the growing demand for egames content, BetInvest’s trading team ensure that they have a range of betting markets for the most popular tournaments and games, including eFootball, eBasketball, NHL21 and World Basketball.

Mykhailov noted that as well as including public streams, BetInvest also provides ‘pre-match and live odds, statistics for all events’.

This includes ‘ready-made and risk-free content with odds feed, event feeds, scouting services (depending on a content), RTMP streams, YouTube/ Twitch streams and a statistics portal’.

The Head of B2B believes that one of Betinvest’s distinguishing features is its ability to provide exclusive broadcasting trading and distribution rights for professional esports leagues such as CYBER LIVE! ARENA and Esport Pro Club

He shared that BetInvest also offers a flexible set of services for both operators and betting providers to expand their sportsbook and boost income which helps to make egames more user-friendly and engaging.

Being liquid

By using APIs for both trading productivity and the development of its egames solution, BetInvest is confident that it can meet the growing demands of the market. 

Underlining that eGames is an individual product, Mykhailov continued: “Within our innovative approach of providing eGames as a service, we granted it with simple and comfortable visual design, including API-integration, which gives operators a full event feed and the ability to transfer basic odds.”

These APIs can be tailored to each individual client, enabling operators to add new sports to their roster which subsequently helps boost revenues. 

The solutions provider explained that each API, which draws upon basic coefficients,  supplies bookmakers with a range of game information – including the start and end time of the match, score changes, red cards, information about gamers, substitutions and cancellation.

“Our egames features with higher customisability and tailored to handle specific betting tasks, therefore, provide a wider and more sophisticated set of instruments for a betting operator” said Mykhailov. 

“We keep the audience interested and motivated to bet on eGames. We know exactly how to attract a young and active audience group and how to enable them to place a wide variety of bets on egames. 

“For those operators or providers who do not have in-house traders we are ready to provide odds feed from our sportsbook and give our odds. Beside this our  partners can get advantage of source streams for conducting live matches” 

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