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Rob Ripley: Bringing the Twin buzz to life in Malta

SBC News Rob Ripley: Bringing the Twin buzz to life in MaltaRob Ripley is ready to bring “more and more amazing people” on board at Twin, after becoming the Malta-based casino’s new Talent Acquisition & HR Manager.

We caught up with Ripley to find out what convinced him to make the move, how he will draw on previous experiences in his new role, what he sees as the biggest HR challenges in the iGaming sector, and maintaining the Twin buzz around the office.

SBC: What was it about Twin that convinced you to make the move?

RR: What can I say, I had the pleasure of working with Twin prior to the official launch of the brand when I was at iGaming Elite and working on another cool brand under their umbrella. I have always had a solid working relationship with Head of HR Aleksandra, who told me all about the company’s plans. It was at that point, I knew Twin was going to be something different, something I wanted to be involved in!

After 18 months of recruiting skilled individuals across the business, the opportunity came up for me to move internal and officially become part of this awesome brand. I used to joke about going internal, but when you find a set up like we have here and get the trust of everyone you work with, you really can magic happened and that exactly what we are going to do!

I am now settled, and ready to continue where I left off and bring more and more amazing people to our incredible brand that is Twin! We are a truly unique company, where we have fun, work hard and really get to enjoy this little rock we live on… Malta!

SBC: Have you been guaranteed the resources to put your own stamp on the company?

RR: As always, Aleksandra and everyone else has trusted that I know who we are looking for here, not just with the skill set required to do a fantastic job, but also with the Twinning personality, which I think is just as important. I have access to all the tools I need, and Twin are very much about supporting our guys, so if I was ever in need of something more, I can simply just ask.

SBC: What do you see as your key objectives at Twin?

RR: My main objective is to ensure that our work force is happy and has everything they need in terms of support, personal and professional development, and the tools to get their work done. I also want to bring in more quality all-rounder’s as our team grows and take care of in-house team building and fun events. Finally, to maintain the Twin buzz around the office and keep everyone updated on the company.

SBC: What can you draw from your previous experiences in the iGaming industry?

RR: I feel that with the experience, network and personal connections I have gained over the years within iGaming, I can continue to find exactly who we need to keep growing. I worked with some fantastic people since I first got into recruitment and can happily say that I have learnt some vital skills from everyone and not just from the iGaming industry.

SBC: What are the biggest challenges for a HR manager in this sector?

RR: As I am new to the internal HR function, I am fast picking it up and starting to realize just how important it is to ensure people and teams from several different backgrounds and cultures are happy and supported whilst under my watch.

We have some real personalities in here and what is amazing is how everyone is here to help each other, making my job that little bit easier too. I have a mission and that is to make sure we stay as a unit and all my guys are appreciated for the great work they ALL do day in day out. I look forward to learning more myself, and I know my team want the same as me when it comes to OUR brand Twin!

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