Atlas-IAC’s Miloslav Ivanov: a vision to modernise the betting industry

Atlas-IAC’s Miloslav Ivanov: a vision to modernise the betting industry

Atlas-IAC has had an impressive year, enhancing its footprint across a number of key markets, particularly in LatAm. What lies in store for the company in the months ahead? We spoke with Chief Sales Officer, Miloslav Ivanov, to find out, as well as the brand’s plans for its debut at this year’s SBC Summit Barcelona

Given your impressive industry experience with the likes of DraftKings, SBTech and Delasport – what key strengths do you see in Atlas-IAC? 

Atlas-IAC has by far one of the best sportsbooks, risk management and trading technology I have ever seen in the industry. I believe that this is the future of sports betting when it comes to the back end – and for us it’s all about automation and cost efficiencies for our partners. 

This is the vital component that is differentiating us from the rest of the industry, but we are also working on this to make us bigger and better – as this is a true USP for us in the market. 

Retail is also a key strength for us at Atlas-IAC. We have a fantastic track record of success already with our in-shop technology, and we always enjoy  highlighting how we can assist brands that want to diversify their delivery channels. 

Talk us through LatAm and your success –  with close to 70 operator partners, what’s been the driving force behind establishing yourself as one of the fastest growing brands there? 

The LatAm market is one that everyone in the industry is eagerly looking forward to seeing open up. The region is incredibly dynamic and growing fast, so it’s a great place to be part of. In many ways, Brazil is considered as the holy grail with its sports-loving population, and forecasted projections seem to be even bigger than some have estimated. 

Looking at the information available – the major regional operators are already processing $100s of millions in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), which demonstrates the appetite for betting opportunities in the country. 

Out of more than 50 operators deploying our market-leading platform and sportsbook, 28 are in Brazil. This is a real statement of intent, as we look to create a truly established mark here, not only in LatAm’s largest country – but also the wider continent. 

To put our success here into perspective – we now have multiple case studies that showcase to brands that delivery and integration time may take only two days with Atlas-IAC, making us a tech supplier that can offer something truly different. 

As to expectations, I have no doubt we’ll be continuing to build our fast-growing profile as one of the continent’s most exciting brands. With Peru soon to be regulated, we’ve got big plans for the market, as well as taking our already popular credentials in Colombia and taking that to the next level. 

Looking at Atlas-IAC’s pioneering use of automation in risk management – can you give us a bit of an insight into how you’re leading this space in the industry? How much of an impact do you think this tech will have? 

Atlas-IAC was created with the vision to modernise the betting industry – and this mantra is what drives the fantastic team here forward. Products are only as good as the teams behind them, and we are in the enviable position of having a top-quality team of experts that have decades of experience in the industry, having worked for some of the leading brands throughout Europe. 

I also believe we’re one of the industry’s most forward-thinking companies. Our mission is to transform the betting industry – It’s long been clear that manual labour would be replaced with data feeds and algorithmic pricing models. 

So, with this in mind, we set out to build a modern, modular, and scalable sports betting platform that could replace the legacy sports betting platforms that are still widely used. This has been the key to our impressive expansion.  

In order to make this vision a reality, it is our goal to continue building a platform that is faster, more scalable, and more reliable than legacy platforms, and deliver this platform through a SaaS business model. 

With the use of enterprise-grade in-memory computing, private and public cloud virtualized servers, and years of research and development, we have ensured that Atlas-IAC is now one of the most progressive gambling platforms in the industry today. 

Onto plans for the next 12 months given we’re already approaching the end of 2023 – what exciting moves can we look forward to from Atlas-IAC? 

This year has already been a truly groundbreaking one for Atlas-IAC but we are far from finished in terms of further announcements relating to the business.

We have yet to tap into multiple regions so we have some very exciting news around this that I will be able to speak more about in due course. For now, a vital cog within our wheelhouse is retail – and this is a valuable part of our growth moving forward and into 2024.

As I have stipulated previously, expansion has taken off with Atlas-IAC over the past few years and we will be assisting our loyal band of partners with our award-winning technology to overcome challenging regulatory obstacles in certain jurisdictions.

Although there has been a strong focus around our work in LatAm, Africa is also a vast region that we are keeping a close eye on. Our footprint in LatAm is starting to become an established one so monitoring a new territory is very important for us and Africa fits the bill of what we want to achieve. Growth is now becoming reality there and in recent years, there has been a surge in the use of the internet, which is steadily becoming faster and more appealing to use whilst smartphones and devices are now more popular than ever before.

Finally, the landscape of the industry as a whole, paves the way for an exciting 12 months and beyond. I am extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve so far in 2023 but with a few months still to go, hopefully the work being done can exceed our high expectations and see Atlas-IAC continue to flourish.

Atlas-IAC has certainly made its presence felt at multiple big-name industry events this year, how does SBC Barcelona fit into your plans?

It is an event that is a must-attend for key players in the industry. We are excited to be there as we will have a stand and a meeting zone for all current partners and potential new clients for any new business that we undertake. Automation and a standout retail solution are the two strengths that Atlas-IAC can bring to the table at the show – and the two key areas we’ll be talking about. SBC Barcelona is certainly one of the most important expos of the whole year and we feel it is fitting for us to expand our presence over the course of the three days in one of the most captivating cities in Europe.

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