SBC News Altenar secures ‘game-changer’ operator partnership with Optimove

Altenar secures ‘game-changer’ operator partnership with Optimove

Altenar has formed a partnership with CRM marketing platform Optimove to deliver personalised product recommendations via its Opti-X widgets.

 This deal aims to bolster the sportsbook and iGaming software provider’s footprint globally, enabling a distinctive integration that revolutionises the sportsbook landscape, with room for future development. 

Charlie Williams, Commercial Director at Altenar, stated: “This partnership is a game-changer for our operator portfolio. 

“Opti-X’s AI-led content and product recommendations solution will empower operators to serve each player with the right digital recommendations at the right time, enhancing retention and elevating player experience.” 

In detail, the partnership is initially designed to elevate players’ digital experiences. Altenar’s operator partners can now increase retention, and engagement due to Optimove’s Opti-X, an AI-driven recommendation and search engine. 

“That is a surefire step toward better player loyalty and trust, enhanced retention, and a better bottom line,” Williams added.

Opti-X serves tailored content and product recommendations across all digital touchpoints, even for anonymous visitors, based on past interactions, similar players, and trending items. 

By integrating Opti-X widgets, Altenar’s operators can personalise dynamic content across numerous channels. Customers can discover the ‘hottest products on the market’, the provider explained, and benefit from an intelligent search engine powered by AI.

“This announcement marks a significant milestone for Opti-X and its value for iGaming operators,” added Dan de Souza, Global Director of Partnerships at Optimove.

“Much like Altenar, we continue to expand in LatAm, so this partnership is a no-brainer. Combining our technology with Altenar’s unparalleled industry expertise enables us to deliver innovative solutions that drive iGaming operators’ business growth.  

“As players’ attention spans continue to shrink, operators must gain the ability to start marketing with the player and provide relevant and personalised recommendations, services, and products to keep them around for longer and coming back for more.”

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