SBC News NSoft: driving growth with Stark betting kiosks

NSoft: driving growth with Stark betting kiosks

Writing for SBC News, NSoft looks back on a ‘beautiful partnership’ with Stark, explaining how the company’s range of betting kiosks have helped create new avenues for growth.

 Stark manufactures self-service betting terminals for land-based betting and gaming businesses and cooperates with the betting and casino industry’s well-known vendors for the peripheral components. The majority of it goes to EU countries. The company is an exclusive supplier of two national lotteries in Western Europe and over 30 other betting companies worldwide.

In Q4 2021, T-1000, Stark’s premium self-service betting terminals, were sold to the first buyers in the USA.

Stark and NSoft – the beginning of a beautiful friendship

The company started in 2015 with the concept of soon-to-be Stark’s best-selling betting kiosk -the model T-1000. Very soon, Stark workshop developed a few more models of betting terminals, together with different variations of the initial T-1000 concept, to become a trustworthy partner for betting operators.

As of September 2021, Stark Solutions, a premium betting terminals manufacturer, officially became part of NSoft, an award-winning betting and gaming software supplier.

Stark employs over 60 highly skilled metal workers, locksmiths, welders, electricians, engineers, and other professionals. They create unique, beautifully designed, easy-to-maintain, and durable self-service betting terminals.

T-1000 model – a superb machine available within the sports betting industry

Top-selling model T-1000 is an industry beast! It has one of the slimmest body types on the market, but due to the high demand for specific peripherals, you can also have the option of a wide body.

The screens are Full HD, and for the T-1000, the model is available in dual-screen, single landscape, and single portrait versions enabling four video outputs. All components can be configured upon the client’s request and needs. Requested bill validators, coin acceptors, scanners, or any other device can be integrated into the device. Stark cooperates with the best-in-industry vendors for the peripherals, so the client chooses coin and bill acceptors’ brands, printers, barcode scanners, or card readers.

The terminal’s soul, a PC, can be industrial or commercial, and it supports AMD and Intel processors.

When it comes to display options, the client chooses one of the following options:

  • 21.5” Full HD LCD Display
  • 23.8” Full HD LCD Display
  • 27” Full HD LCD Display available only in the Portrait version

The screen accommodates a wide view angle and features a PCAP touchscreen solution.

Cutting-edge display technology

PCAP is one of the most popular touchscreen technologies on the market. This touch screen is used on most high-end smartphones and is renowned for its high accuracy, smooth finish, and multi-touch standard.

T-1000 is perfected in every sense – it can weigh from barely 85 kg up to 120 kg all, depending on the body type and peripherals. The model has two wheels and an ergonomic back so handling the machine is convenient for the staff.

It is safe from vandals – stress test to physical damage to property has shown great endurance of the terminal’s body. It has also anticipated cash handling challenges, so the cash is physically separated from the other components that have to be available daily to bet shop staff. This goes for all of Stark’s terminals.

Wall-T – the robust terminal with multiple mounting options

With its dimensions of 54x60x26 cm, Wall-T is widely accepted among operators. It can be wall-mounted, put on a bar, or be freestanding – placed on a metal holder. This betting kiosk is a versatile and cost-effective solution for every operator’s business needs, and mounting options distinguish it from the competition. Wall-T is being produced only as a full HD single-screen model, and its functionalities are identical to the ones of the T-1000. Besides the size, the main difference is that Wall-T offers one extra video output, contrary to the T-1000, which offers up to three. Despite the size of Wall-T, it features extensive device compatibility and branding options. Wall-T is a perfect fitting machine that has it all.

T-800 – Even more customisable peripherals

T-800 offers even more customisation options. It supports almost all peripherals available on the market, including bill recycles, pay-in, and payout systems. T-800 was made with cost benefits in mind, so this terminal is the best buy if you are looking for a quick ROI. T-800 is available in dual-screen and single-screen versions with up to two extra video outputs. The terminal weight from 85-92 kg.

T-800 accommodates industrial or commercial PC types and supports AMD and Intel processors. Full HD LCD display can be 21.5” or 23.8” with a wide view angle, featuring PCAP or SCT touchscreens.

D-1 a desk-mounted betting terminal for maximum performance

D1 is a small yet powerful tool for betting operators’ shops. A pay-in and check terminal comes with a 15.6, 19, 21.5, or 23.8 -inch touchscreen optimised for the finest image and colour quality. It ensures maximum performance for shops that lean heavily towards sportsbook software and the thrill of live betting.

The D1 is an affordable solution for both small and large-scale bet shops. Every Stark desk-mounted betting terminal has a door lock mechanism as a safety measure. It is also equipped with an electric key switch, bill/coin acceptor, ticket printer, and barcode scanner.

Customisation and branding for client satisfaction

In the past 5 years, we have followed market trends and provided our clients with the best product. Following trends and understanding clients’ real needs has resulted in world-renowned machines.

Our terminals are equipped with parts from exclusively reputable manufacturers, from MeiSC Advance bill acceptors to Advantech industrial PC. They are adapted to work on all known software, and built-in special devices leave the easy possibility of additional software upgrades.

White Label branding

In terms of branding, we allow our customers to choose the terminal colour according to their needs. Clients can personalize each terminal with a luminous logo. Depending on the order size, it takes 6 to 8 weeks from the day of signing the contract to the delivery of the finished products.

Automation of QA

NSoft develops System Test Tool QA software to standardise and speed up our internal SSBT testing procedures. The Tool is not a replacement for the human touch but rather an additional layer of reliability that helps us standardise tests across terminals and their units.

This year, we are making this tool a part of the standard testing toolbox. It substantially reduces overall time requirements and testing complexity while improving reliability, standardisation, and transparency.

We listen to our customers

Stark’s strength lies in uncompromising quality and a human approach, together with exceptional technical expertise. We are good listeners, and we always personalise the customer experience. When asking a question, it will always be: What can we do to improve your business? What problem will this solution solve for the customer when creating a product?

Having said that, Stark’s plan is a brand-new betting kiosk model. This new bet shop packed in a carefully designed metal frame will be cost-effective for mid-tier operators worldwide.

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