Anna Vikmane: BETER is defying ‘gravity’ with our new blackjack product

Blackjack has long been a staple in any casino operator’s portfolio. But how do you ensure that this mainstay product still continues to generate the same level of excitement for players as time passes? For BETER Live Director Anna Vikmane, the answer lies in new features and functionalities.

Back in September, BETER released a new iteration of blackjack, Gravity Blackjack, one that she believes will bring new levels of excitement for bettors.

Vikmane began by discussing the launch of the product, its inspiration and plans to reach new generations of players. She said: “This game allows us to be appealing not just for core casino players who are already familiar with blackjack, but it also enables us to elevate the experience for this new generation of players who are looking for something new.

“These types of players are looking for things like multipliers – something that brings more excitement. It pops out, there are different payouts, which are higher than they are usually. I’m really excited about this game.”

Vikmane was quizzed on the inspiration behind the name, Gravity. The solutions provider looked nowhere other than the skies above as it sought to find a moniker that reflected a sense of power. This then led them to think about the force of gravity.

She added: “So we were thinking about galaxies and stars, something with a strong sense of power. Then we go that gravity has a power that keeps all of us here, right? That is the ultimate force, the ultimate sense of power. So that is where the name comes from. It generates attention.”

She highlighted that this product in particular was one that was hugely collaborative in nature, drawing upon a number of different departments to create a product that was truly engaging and best reflected BETER as a company.

“We have gathered people together with the right attitude, those that have a passion for what they are doing. Even our game developers wanted to be a part of this creative process,” Vikmane continued.

“There were a lot of people from different departments coming together and giving their ideas. That has ultimately shaped the visual effects, the naming process but also influenced the direction of where we want to take this game. This was a team-wide effort. It wasn’t just one creative department that came up with the concept. It’s the entire team.

“When you are launching something new that you have all worked together in building, it feels great when you finally get to launch!”

Watch the full interview HERE

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