Bet Advisor – Form Table – Week 23 – April Heats Up!


With the majority of European football leagues entering their final stages, Grand National horse racing and Formula 1 season in full swing April will no doubt prove to be a crucial month for Bet Advisor tipsters. Having refreshed themselves over the Easter holiday break, Bet Advisor tipsters are now back in action and targeting peak form.

Bet Advisor’s first full week form table for April sees an average profit of +500 points combined with a betting yield of 46%, as our tipsters begin to take their strides!  Here is a breakdown of who is hot at Bet Advisor this April

Senior Tipster of the Week – Gregor Terboven

This last 7 day period for Gregor has been truly impressive. He provided his client base with 18 picks, and returned more than +500 units of profit! Some of his winners were very good/brave calls too. For example, Gregor correctly called Fleetwood Town to beat Yeovil Town by 2 or more goals, backing them -1.50 on the Asian Handicap market – priced at 3.78 (they won 4-0!).

In his time at Bet Advisor, Gregor Terboven has never failed to make profit. In fact, from his 500+ tips, he has provided more than +2,200 units of profit for his clients, so it really is no wonder he has a very loyal following. You know what you get with him too, with around 80% of his tips being on the Asian Handicap market, and the rest being Match Odds or on Total Goals. Perhaps the best thing about Gregor’s tipster skills is that he has made a profit in all the odds ranges we analyse. Whether they are short priced favourites or big outsiders, he has profited in each area. Certainly one to consider following.

Junior Tipster of the Week – Travis Dixon

Horse racing tipster Travis Dixon has started his third month with Bet Advisor and he is quickly gaining a very strong reputation – and with +2,000 units of profit already, it’s hardly surprising. This last week alone has seen profits of more than +1,000 units, with a yield of 61% from his 17 picks. His odds average around the 4.00 mark, so a 40% win rate so far makes it easy to see how he has been so profitable. 117 picks overall in his three months at Bet Advisor, and a total yield of more than 18% makes him one of the best tipsters of the past few months.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his service is that the races he bets/advises on aren’t widely followed, meaning his knowledge is hard to find. He bets predominantly on South African horse racing, so for any keen sports bettor, he could be a very good asset. One of the keys to a successful betting portfolio is diversity. Following ten Premier League tipsters will likely be far less successful than following tipsters from different leagues, competitions, sports, and nations. With such a focus on UK horse racing, those looking to reduce overall risk and spread their wings should be looking at a tipster like Travis as a great addition to their betting toolbox.

Featured Tipster of the Week – Kajus Briedis

Kajus is undoubtedly the Featured Tipster of the Week this week. With 15 picks, he provided more than +950 units of profit and a yield of 64%, with April now looking very likely to be the fourth straight month of profit since joining Bet Advisor. His profit graph has been remarkable so far, with a very consistent upwards trend since January. Despite only placing just over 100 tips to date, Kajus has amassed a profit tally of more than +4,000 units already. His yield is at a remarkable 38.75% and his win rate is a staggering 66%!

Anyone in this industry knows that if your odds average around the evens mark (Kajus is averaging 2.05), then a 54-55% win rate will see you make a nice profit over the course of a month, a season, a few years – so the fact Kajus’ win rate is presently 11-12% above this is really impressive. He focuses on European basketball – a sport/league that is typically under-researched and receives far less media coverage than the European football leagues or the NBA

He has spent more than 9 years in this industry, and his experience is already showing in his results, and in the number of clients flocking to his exceptional service. Check him out – you won’t regret it.

Mr Consistent – Vladan Glavas

Mr Consistent should be what everyone calls Vladan Glavas. In the last 15 months, he has provided profit for his clients in 14/15 months, with just a tiny tiny loss in August 2014 spoiling an otherwise exemplary betting record. This week was no exception, with a 22% yield from his 14 tips, Vladan is looking to make April his seventh straight month of profit.

His Bet Advisor career is as impressive as they come, with a 9.46% yield from more than 600 picks, and a profit that has comfortably surpassed the +5,000 unit mark. with a 50% win rate, and average odds of 2.06, it is clear to see that he has a nice edge on the bookmakers, and he knows how to use it too. The range of leagues he bets on is remarkable, but his knowledge is more in pricing up games correctly than it is knowing every single player in the world. His top 4 countries are Spain, Chile, India and England. His portfolio is diverse, but his profitability remains consistent.

His client base know what to expect with Vladan, he is modest, and he doesn’t promise huge profits every day. What he does so well is help people build their betting bank over sustained periods of time, with his clients doubling or tripling (or even more) their bank balance. If you wouldn’t mind seeing your betting balance double over the course of a season or so, then you should be following Vladan’s betting advice.

Bet Advisor Form Table Week

Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Category Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Travis Dixon Junior Horse Racing 1019.00 61.39% 17 600.00% 3/3
2 Kajus Briedis Featured Basketball 964.00 64.27% 15 100.00% 4/4
3 Robert Volkan Junior Football 806.40 53.05% 16 0.00% 4/5
4 Lorenzo Marcheti Junior Football 697.00 29.04% 24 100.00% 3.4
5 Gregor Terboven Senior Football 501.50 27.86% 18 500.00% 4/6
6 Frank Terry Junior Football 422.60 96.05% 6 100.00% 3/4
7 Neil Baxter Junior Football 345.00 24.30% 15 0.00% 3/3
8 Vladan Glavas Senior Football 297.50 22.04% 14 200.00% 6/6
9 Jozo Dodik Tennis Junior Tennis 203.60 59.88% 4 200.00% 3/4
10 Ivan Kacic Junior Football 178.00 22.25% 8 100.00% 5/5

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