Bet Advisor Form Table Week 9 – Xmas treats for Silenos

Stefano Saccani Bet Advisor Affiliate & Business Development Manager reviews’s tipsters form and betting highlights: Week 9

Senior Tipster of the Week – Christopher Silenos

Christopher wins the coveted Tipster of The Week award for the final week before Christmas, and before several leagues in Europe begin their respective winter breaks. With 13 tips placed, Christopher won 7, but with some great prices thrown in this led to a very impressive profit of more than 560 units. Correctly advising backing the draw in Freiburg v Hannover, Toulouse v Guingamp, Frankfurt v Hertha and Koln v Mainz really helped show how he can find value. Many people shy away from backing the draw, but obviously profit can be made from it if the analysis and research is done correctly. Mr Silenos uses maths and algorithms to generate his own odds. He can then compare these odds with those provided by the bookmakers. When his odds suggest the bookies have got it wrong, he bets on the value selections and watches the profit roll in. December looks to be his 4th straight month of profit, and helps to take his last 6 months of profit up to more than 1800 units.

Junior Tipster of the Week – Marco Luria

Well, what a great week for Marco in the NFL. Typically, a US sports handicapper will provide odds of around the 1.91 mark, using the current line available at various books. However, Marco has a different approach, and it’s proving VERY lucrative for him and his clients. Backing NY Giants -2.50 at 4.20 was a particular highlight, along with the Redskins -1.50 at home to the Eagles (priced at 4.00). Some huge profits, and indications that this guy really knows what he is talking about! His quality insight into each of his picks includes a predicted score line –  you can see he works tirelessly to provide the best information to his fast-growing client base at Bet Advisor. With profit in each of his last 3 months, and +912 units already in December, Marco is a great tipster with big potential.

Mr Selective – Davide Palombi

Short and sweet yet again with Mr Palombi this week. Davide provided 5 tips to his members this week, all at very generous prices, and brought them all a very tidy profit. 5 tips provided 3 winners and 449 units of profit. Avellino to beat  Bologna, and a draw between Virtus Lanciano and Carpi FC got the week off to a great start, and then a final winner on Sunday with a draw in the game between Bursaspor and Trabzonspor ensured a great return. As mentioned before, Davide finds games where high priced selections offer incredible value. His average odds from his 200+ tips at Bet Advisor is around the 2.80 mark, and his yield is a touch below 20%. Certainly worth tracking, and one for the portfolio as his bets are rarely found by others.

Yield Maestro – Alec Pearce

Sure, Alec Pearce is relatively new to Bet Advisor (with 213 picks to date), but his record is already looking as impressive as anyone else’s on the site. He is very selective in providing picks for his clients, providing fewer than 20 picks per month for the last 6 months. You’ll never be overwhelmed by the number of picks he provides – but you will be impressed. Alec has a real knack for finding value on horses, especially those priced at 6.00 or greater. This week saw 1 winner from his four tips, but still 150 units of profit and a solid yield. With horses, there can be more fluctuation and longer losing runs, but with Alec you get consistency, expert analysis and a great return. Based on his record, you may well see Alec in the senior section very soon. There’s never been a better time to add him to your betting portfolio.

Bet Advisor Form Table – Week 9

Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Category Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Marco Luria NFL Junior Am Football 599.00 84.37% 11 63.64% 4/4
2 Christopher Silenos Senior Football 568.20 72.85% 13 53.85% 5/6
3 Aiden Monroe AM Senior Horse Racing 484.00 71.18% 10 20.00% 6/6
4 Davide Palombi Senior Football 449.00 89.80% 5 60.00% 3/3
5 Eduardo Borrero Senior Football 298.00 74.50% 5 80.00% 3/5
6 Vladan Glavas Senior Football 248.00 22.55% 11 63.64% 4/5
7 Alec Pearce Junior Horse Racing 150.00 37.50% 4 25.00% 4/5
8 Jeremy Price Senior Football 109.00 15.57% 7 57.14% 6/6
9 Andreas Kloft Senior Rugby 107.50 63.24% 4 75.00% 6/6
10 Diego Armando Piola Junior Football 92.40 33.00% 8 62.50% 2/2


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