SBC News BetAdvisor: 'Every tipster has a different strategy'

BetAdvisor: ‘Every tipster has a different strategy’

betadvisorStefano Saccani, Business Development and Affiliate Manager at Bet Advisor, explains the firm’s dynamics and its ambitions for the future under a new owner.

SBC: Bet Advisor has recently come into new ownership – how is that switch going to inform the development of product and services?

Stefano: Bet Advisor has been one of the best tipster platforms in the market since 2010. We were one of Bet Advisor’s best clients and we decided it was the time to acquire it and take it to the next level. The platform is one of the most trusted brands in the industry and we saw many opportunities for development. We recently closed a deal with Betradar which means we now have live scores and stats on the site for our users to browse.

We want to create an environment where our clients need to go nowhere else to find odds, bookies, news, stats and scores. The platform is also spreading worldwide. We are planning to translate it in many different languages and find local tipsters that are experts in their national leagues. Not only this, but we are continuing to recruit many of the best tipsters and cappers in the market.

SBC: You have a strong focus on creating a community and building trust, when dealing with sports betting consumers how do you look to build these two disciplines. What key dynamics and factors drive the growth and engagement of your products and tipster community?

Stefano: Our main asset is our transparency. On our site you can find detailed stats of our tipsters. You can sort their past tips by month, odds, type of bet, region, time of when the pick was posted. This is the only way you can really analyse a tipster to the extent that allows you to decide if what he offers is what you’re looking for. Becoming a tipster on Bet Advisor isn’t easy; there is a rigorous trial process which ensures only the best make it through. The site has been around for a long time, building a reputation for quality and only recently have we been able to expand our search for new tipsters.

Our clients appreciate the community feel we are developing and enjoy the new features we are adding to improve their connectivity with their tipsters. We organise weekly webinars for our clients, allowing them to ask tipsters direct questions about bankroll, strategies, and much more. Thanks to our expertise and that of our tipsters, our clients are confident that we can assist their investment goals. In the conversations with our clients the request of adding new sports was one of the most important that came up, so we are working on adding to the site many new sports such as NCAAF, NCAAB, golfing and more, in order to satisfy all our clients needs.

SBC News BetAdvisor: 'Every tipster has a different strategy'SBC: When profiling and analysing tipsters performance, what key variables does your team choose to focus on and how do you make this data beneficial to other tipsters in the Bet Advisor community?

Stefano: Every tipster has a different strategy. We have tipsters that use mathematical algorithms, some that rely on instinct and team knowledge, whilst others rely on their knowledge of the market. The biggest asset we look for in a tipster is their ability to bring steady returns – consistency. We do try to provide a service that is consistently profitable. Of course there are periods are better than others, but our philosophy is to look at sport betting like you would the stock market. When you invest in stocks, you don’t pick a single stock, you build a portfolio to give yourself an edge and reduce risk. This is the same in the sports advisory/betting business. We advise our clients to build a portfolio of tipsters in order to reduce liability and their reliance upon a single tipster.

Return on Investment is important, and in the long term this stat helps you establish the stronger tipsters. We focus on showing the last 6 months of a tipster’s performance very publicly. This helps clients see how they perform over a longer period of time. One good month doesn’t necessarily mean a tipster is a good candidate for your portfolio. Consistency is key, and the fact we show their entire history (and have a feature that exports a tipster’s full list of bets) means a client will never be ‘in the dark’ about their performance.

SBC News BetAdvisor: 'Every tipster has a different strategy'SBC: Bookmakers are becoming more risk averse, how do you handle and maintain a relationship between your product, your community and bookmaker operations?

Stefano: This is a tough question, but something we have addressed in the platform. Each tipster provides the odds available at the time they send tips to members, but they also provide a ‘minimum odds’ line too. This line gives some flexibility to clients who maybe miss the best odds. The tipster decides on how low the odds could be for the tip to still be worthwhile. We think this helps, and have had good feedback from clients about this too. With the issues in the UK regarding certain bookmakers, we think this certainly helps.

SBC: What can bookmaker operations learn from tipster communities such as yourself? Could services such as yours be beneficial to sports betting operations and practices?

Stefano: Some of our tipsters and clients have pretty large betting banks, so their actions can sometimes be seen in line movements on the markets, especially when a tipster has a few high roller’s tailing their tips. Bookmaker operations could certainly learn that many people are now becoming more shrewd in the sports betting world, and that they could learn a thing or two about betting trends, market prices and discrepancies by following opinions and analysis of our expert tipsters. Our tipsters are great at finding bets that have been priced incorrectly, then sharing this information with their clients.

SBC: Looking ahead, how do you see your product growing, where can you see the best long term gain for Bet Advisor in the sports betting markets?

Stefano: The new management is making substantial investments to improve the platform. In the future we will have a new look to the site, a complete and full integration with Betradar, more languages, many more tipsters and an increased number of media partners. The interest in Bet Advisor is as high as ever, and we are already close to sealing partnerships with several media companies.


Stefano Saccani – Business Development and Affiliate Manager at BetAdvisor

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