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This week SBC and Bet Advisor teams catch up with Senior Football Tipster Christopher Silenos, who has had a long and successful record in Greek football tipping. Things are on the up for Mr Silenos as he has garnered an incredible +23% yield on his last +100 tips, making his hot streak one to follow.

Here Christopher gives more insight into his performance and strategy.


SBC: How did you first get into sports betting ?

CS: As it happens with most people, it started as a game back when we were still kids, but as a serious pursuit during my university years when I started to look at it more scientifically.

SBC: At what point did you realize that you can make some real money from sports betting?

CS: About 3 years ago, when I started working on my thesis, which of course had to do with betting and prediction models.

SBC: How did you come to select football as your chosen sport?

CS: Firstly, because it was my favorite and most familiar sport to me and secondly, because I could find plenty of data about it on the web. Also since it is generally the most famous sport there are endless choices and abundant liquidity.

SBC: Are there any particular events that you look forward to throughout the year?

CS: Not really. I follow competitions that span throughout the year so there is almost always action. I also don’t bet on “asteroid” competitions that come once in 4 years so every season is pretty much the same for me.

SBC: What was your best ever bet?

CS: The fact that I’m thinking too much to answer this question means that probably I don’t have any.

SBC: What kind of factors do you evaluate before making a selection?

CS: For the Greek matches, the factors I take into account are the form, injuries, weather, morale in the team, relations between the two sides, but NEVER the history of previous years. I also create my own tables that count what each team deserved to get according to their appearances, in comparison to what they actually got. This way I can see whether a team is currently over- or underachieving. For the international selections, the factors are purely mathematical.

SBC:  Do you have any future plans in regards to your service

CS: As far as the competitions and the type of bets that are concerned, I will stick with the same for this season too. That is, only match odds in the European leagues and all types of bets in Greek selections. I intend to dig into the goal market sometime but it is too early for that and still needs extended experimenting.

SBC: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your betting career?

To learn how to control emotions when losing or winning and stay as much emotionally detached from the results as possible. I think this is one of the hardest things to do and the main reason for failure, not only in betting but in all aspects of life. I have not yet mastered this art of detachment, but I am getting better at it every time.

SBC: Do you have a favorite team that you follow regularly?

CS: Nope. It is a good thing to follow some teams closely, but it is not enough because you need to know the opponent too in order to make better decisions. So I would suggest following a particular league closely and not just a team.

SBC: How do you keep calm when you hit a run of losing bets?

CS: I don’t. And unless they are robots, nobody does. The only thing you can do is minimize the duration of time that you are not calm and of course don’t make any decisions (or bets) during that period.

SBC: How do you organize your bank management?

CS: Since I’ve been using a flat stake system, bank management is pretty straightforward. This way you skip the extra step of having to think about the right stake for each selection, and an extra step in the whole procedure means extra room for second thoughts and mistakes.

SBC: What is the best reason you could give to anyone who was thinking about following your service?

CS: I could say that I will work hard and do my best (which I will) to bring a profitable season etc. etc., but I believe that people are smart enough to see that these kind of words have little or no value. In this job, what speaks for you, are the numbers. In this case, the numbers say that there has not been a bad run after two years and 866 tips, so the best reason is that someone will at the very least not lose their money.


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