Bet Advisor Form Table Week 8 – Silenos hits his stride


Stefano Saccani Bet Advisor Affiliate & Business Development Manager reviews’s tipsters form and betting highlights: Week 8

Senior Tipster of the Week: Christopher Silenos

With a great 7 days under his belt, Christopher Silenos claims the title of tipster of the week this time round. With more than 300 units of profit, this guy know how to find value in the football markets. His quantitative mathematical models really proved their worth this week with them correctly forecasting 3 draws and a couple of outsiders. He focuses on the Greek leagues, but using his models he can get great success elsewhere, as proven by forecasting a Bastia Win, and draws in the Leverkusen, Bremen and Parma games this weekend alone. Seriously, you need to keep your eye on this guy, he has some massive potential based on what we have seen this week and previous results.

Junior Tipster of the Week: Darijo Babic

Darijo is one of our junior tipsters, which means that for just €9 per month, you can get his great tips and analysis. Last week he was outstanding, winning 8/9 bets and giving his members extremely good value for money. As his ROI and tip volume increases, so will his price – and he will likely be a senior tipster before you know it, so be sure to get following him now at this incredible price. An 8% yield on the Bet Advisor platform shows he is here for keeps, and has a real edge over the bookmakers.

Winners Galore: Federico Parini

Federico is always selective with his tips, and that helps him make the profit that he does. This week he provided 6 tips, winning 5 – giving him and his clients a healthy profit of almost 200 units and a yield of more than 70%. His overall yield remains above 20%, which is an awesome statistic, and one we at Bet Advisor know he is proud of. If you want a basketball expert who has exceptional knowledge and insight in Europe, then subscribe to this guy – you won’t be disappointed.

Proving his worth: Jesse Schule NFL

Jesse is a great asset to Bet Advisor, no doubt about it. He was unfortunate on a couple of bets this week, but still won 60% and returned a steady 5% yield. We expect Jesse to go from strength to strength over  the coming  months and years. NFL is a must for any serious punter, liquidity is high and getting on the lines at the right time thanks to Jesse can be a great way to profit from (and stay ahead of) the market. You only have to look at his write ups and analysis to see he has his finger well and truly on the NFL pulse. Any betting portfolio would look that extra bit stronger with Jesse Schule’s tips included.

Bet Advisor – Form Table – Week 8

Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Category Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profit Months
1 Darijo Babic Junior Ice Hockey 628.6 74.83% 9 88.89% 2/4
2 Christopher Silenos Senior Football 329.4 49.91% 11 45.45% 5/6
3 Eduardo Borrero Senior Football 250.4 34.78% 9 66.67% 3/4
4 Filip Alexiou FB Junior Football 244.00 17.18% 15 53.33% 3/3
5 Federico Parini Senior Basketball 191.6 70.96% 6 83.33% 5/5
6 Andreas Kloft Senior Rugby 170.5 55.00% 5 80.00% 6/6
7 Davide Palombi Senior Football 160.00 11.76% 15 33.33% 2/3
8 Alec Pearce Junior Horse Racing 100.00 20.00% 5 20.00% 4/5
9 Matt Walker Senior Horse Racing 46.40 8.29% 7 28.57% 6/6
10 Jesse Schule NHL Featured Ice Hockey 36.60 4.95% 10 60.00% 2/2


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