SBC News Bet Advisor - Form Table - Aiden Monroe strikes it rich with 39.5% yield

Bet Advisor – Form Table – Aiden Monroe strikes it rich with 39.5% yield


Stefano Saccani Bet Advisor Affiliate & Business Development Manager reviews’s tipsters form and betting highlights: Week 6

Aiden Monroe – Tipster of the week

Some horse racing experts feel the need to provide dozens of tips every week because they think that is what their clients want. Aiden Monroe knows that this is not the case. His clients want profit – a return on their investment – and he delivers this on a very consistent basis. He doesn’t place too many picks, and this week, he placed just 12 – less than two per day. He won 4 of these picks and provided a 39.5% yield for his clients. He fully deserves this week’s ‘tipster of the week’ accolade. The last two months have been nothing short of spectacular for Aiden. With 1,593 units of profit in October, you’d think he might not be able to get near that level again in November, but he is, and is currently +1,566 units with a few days left to go! If you aren’t following him at the minute, you’re missing out! The last 5 months have seen Aiden generate more than 5,500 units of profit for him and his members.

Christopher Silenos – Value Hunter

Christopher only place three tips this week, but he won them all! These tips were all priced at 2.70 or greater too! In theory, picking at random at these odds would imply that you’d maybe get 1/3, so to get all three is really impressive and shows that Christopher can find good value bets. He correctly predicted draws in the Nantes v St Etienne and Nice v Stade Reims matches in France, as well as correctly predicting a win for Montpellier at home to Toulouse. A 44% yield for this month now makes it likely he will end November with another month of profit (4/5) and a total of more than 1,100 units of profit in that time. Surely worth tracking to see how he’d fit with your current betting strategies, he could be a valuable and profitable addition!

Davide Palombi – The Steady Ship

After winning the tipster of the week award two weeks ago, Davide Palombi has continue to show his credentials to his clients. This week he has been consistent, and profitable – winning more than required to boast a positive yield. This week, he won 3/9 tips but returned a 15% yield. As mentioned before, his strategy is slightly different to most football tipsters, again highlighting the importance of finding value in the markets, and also a strong staking plan. This variety is a great asset and surely only confirms that he is one to watch for the future as his career grows with us at Bet Advisor. He certainly adds come variety to any betting portfolio.

Andreas Kloft – Solid win Percentage

Andreas has never been a tipster that provides large numbers of tips, but he IS a tipster that shows consistent profits over long periods of time. This week, he won 4/5 bets and looks set to make November his 6th straight month of profit – amassing a solid 1,170+ units of profit in that time. Being a rugby tipster, he has a special place on the Bet Advisor site due to the rare nature of successful rugby tipsters. For those sports investors who like to reduce liability and spread their investment around multiple tipsters and sports (a popular tactic amongst the big players), Andreas is an absolute must. Few people could challenge him regarding his level of insight and knowledge. He is profitable, and his growing list of clients are pleased that this looks set to continue.

Bet Advisor Form Table 

Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Aiden Monroe AM Horse Racing 379.00 39.48% 12.00 33.33% 5/6
2 Christopher Silenos Football 360.60 200.33% 3.00 100.00% 4/6
3 Iker Leon Football 309.60 64.50% 6.00 50.00% 2/6
4 John Fisher Football 264.10 32.21% 9.00 66.67% 5/6
5 Jason Mills Football 150.00 35.71% 7.00 57.14% 3/4
6 Andreas Kloft Rugby 136.20 48.64% 5.00 80.00% 6/6
7 Davide Palombi Football 123.00 15.00% 9.00 33.33% 2/2
8 Darijo Belic Football 101.40 42.25% 4.00 75.00% 6/6
9 James Tucker Horse Racing 70.00 35.00% 5.00 20.00% 3/6
10 Federico Parini Basketball 47.50 5.86% 13.00 53.85% 5/5


Content provided by Stefano Saccani Bet Advisor Affiliate & Business Development Manager 



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