GiG elects new board to accelerate big split

The board of Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has submitted its proposal to form two separate board entities needed to advance plans for the strategic split of its Media and Platform businesses.

The proposal has been summitted to investors ahead of GiG’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held in Stockholm on 22 May 2024.

Investors were informed that “the Nomination Committee of GiG has reviewed and evaluated two separate board compositions with the aim to optimise the growth opportunities for each business entity.”

The plan will see GiG Media remain under the current corporate structure of GiG, which will continue to serve as its listed holding company.

As announced in Q1 2023, GiG Platform, the business tech subsidiary, will be spun off to GiG’s shareholders later in the year.

The board of GiG Platform will be led by Petter Nylander as Chairman, alongside the corporate directors of Nicolas Adlercreutz, Mikael Riese Harstad, Hesam Yazdi, Tomasz Juroszek and Steve Salmon. GiG Platform will not feature Karolina Pelc as a corporate director, as she declined re-election due to other commitments.

For GiG, the Nominations Committee has proposed a board of five members, led by Mikael Riese Harstad as proposed chairman, alongside Hesam Yazdi as a re-elected director.

The Committee has put forward the election of three new board members of Cristina Romero de Alba, Mateusz Juroszek, and Nicholas Batram.

A partner of Madrid law firm LOYRA, Cristina Romero de Alba is a distinguished legal expert in gambling disciplines and has worked as counsel for M&As of clients including institutional and strategic investors, as well as operators and suppliers in over 30 countries.

Mateusz Juroszek, is a figurehead investor and entrepreneur in gambling, who established his venture STS as Poland’s leading bookmaker acquired by FTSE100 Entain Plc in 2023 for £750m.

GiG board is completed by Nicholas Batram, the former Group Director of M&A for Entain Plc, who has been involved in planning and leading “over 20 transactions totalling approximately $10 billion across various regions.”

Ahead of the AGM on 22 May, GiG will publish an updated prospectus of the individual Media and Platform businesses.

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