SBC News BetConstruct blends Metaverse and reality with BCverse launch

BetConstruct blends Metaverse and reality with BCverse launch

BetConstruct has brought its igaming offering to the Metaverse with the launch of its new platform, BCverse.

BetConstruct is confident that its new Metaverse platform, built in collaboration with PandaMR,  marks a “major step forward” in the development of its digital ecosystem.

In a statement, BetConstruct said: “The ever growing scope of products and services of BetConstruct are integrated into virtual spaces creating an immersive environment where every idea can take a real shape.”

Alongside a number of networking and commercial opportunities, the Metaverse platform will also feature AI assistants that can support partners in more than 100 languages. 

SoftConstruct’s portfolio of brands – including both BetConstruct and Fastex Ecosystem – will be made available via the BCverse platform, with the former already live in the Metaverse with its solutions.

BetConstruct added: “As an all-inclusive 3D recreation of BetConstruct, BCverse is a space where virtual reality seamlessly blends with real-life experiences, empowering all partners to transform and grow their businesses into a gateway of endless technological opportunities. 

“The new BCverse is a major step forward to leverage the latest technology and reestablish the way users perceive and interact with virtual reality.”

The BCverse environment builds upon SoftConstruct’s previous developments within the digital space. Last month, its Fastex brand enhanced its Bahamut Chain blockchain platform with the addition of a new dashboard.

The company has also developed its digital currency offering with the launch of its own cryptocurrency, Fasttoken (FTN), which has since become theprimary payment method” for BetConstruct.

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