Boku partnership brings carrier billing for deposits on Mansion

Boku has expanded on its agreements with 02, Vodafone and EE to enable Boku deposit functionality for and mobile players on these networks.

Nikki Carter, BokuThis new partnership with Mansion means that users can now make deposits to their mobile casino accounts with a single click. Mansion is the latest notable gambling company to embrace carrier billing as a preferred deposit method, after PokerStars, Probability, Boylesports and Gaming Realms.

Customers no longer need to enter multiple fields of credit and bank card details to make deposits. They simply select ‘pay by mobile’ as the payment option and click the payment button, with charges being applied directly to their monthly bill. Users can also set this as their default deposit method.

Nikki Carter, Mansion’s Head of Product, said: “We have designed our mobile user experience to be as intuitive and simple as possible. This includes a player’s first deposit, and with this partnership Boku enables new customers to make this with a single click to charge their mobile account, making it a quick and simple method for players to access our games.

“Players therefore have this simple payment method for both and mobile accounts and within our apps.”

Jon Prideaux, CEO of Boku, commented: “Mansion is a superb partner for Boku, as both the company and their users value the quick, seamless and secure payment option that carrier billing provides for depositing funds.

“Because our roots as a company extend deep into mobile gaming, partnering with Mansion is a natural extension of our core business. This adds yet another dimension to the popular acceptance of carrier billing as a method of payment and deposit. It is further proof that carrier billing is becoming the preferred method of payment for many purchases or monetary transactions made online.”

02, Vodafone and EE account for nearly 60 million UK mobile subscribers. Gambling in the UK is a £12.6 billion market, with 30% of this being transacted online via mobile and web games.

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