New crypto currency HYPER targets gamers

HYPERNewly launched crypto currency HYPER is a peer-to-peer digital currency designed to target digital staking from gamers. The developers of the currency claim that HYPER has a twenty times faster settlement periods than market leading digital currency Bitcoin. The currency aims to create more stable trading conditions than other digital currencies by targeting trade of its currency through digital gaming communities.

A published  HYPER statement read “Essentially, HYPER is a low energy crypto currency designed for use in online games, virtual worlds and more. The currency is currently used in Counter-Strike, Minecraft, and Zandagort.”

HYPER developers claimed that the currency aimed to become the market leading currency for digital gaming communities. HYPER would differentiate itself further for other digital currencies, by guaranteeing a staking transactions.

HYPER will look to reward early adopters and gaming communities by opening it’s wallet system, and rewarding  consumers who use its currency on supported gaming networks by issuing new  coins to loyal currency consumers.

HYPER did not state whether its planned to target trade through online gambling services.





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