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‘Bricks, Clicks, and Mobile Wallets’: OKTO CEO Filippos Antonopoulos on the future for retail


It’s human nature to err towards trying again, as opposed to trying different. It’s tempting to think that retail will return to normal if we just simply “try hard enough” to provide a necessary sense of safety, all the while not materially changing much else. This, to me, fails to take stock of what the pandemic really did – what …

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No Retreat… Innovation is the only way to grow the Italian market

Since 2018, Italian betting operators have faced consecutive tax increases, a blanket ban on advertising and sponsorship, alongside tougher compliance controls enforced by regulatory agencies. The SBC Digital Italy Summit began by analysing how Italian operators have navigated a market which has been in a constant state of flux, and whether a further 2021 of political uncertainties will lead to …

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Cashless journey at the heart of OKTO and GeWeTe collaboration

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OKTO has united with GeWeTe in order to boost cashless payment services through Cash Redemption Terminals (CRT) internationally.   The collaboration will place a heightened focus on mobile payments and security as the cashless journey becomes an increasingly prevalent priority for consumers.  GeWeTe will also expand its capabilities through the OKTO digital wallet, elevating the way it allows users to embark …

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The future for retail: Could ‘staff-less’ shops become a reality?


It is widely accepted that we are entering a new era for retail betting, ushered in by the fast-tracked fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT) legislation and an increased expectation of technology amongst customers – for so many of whom digital is now king. Yet will this new era include the advent of ‘staff-less’ betting shops? Are bookmakers likely to respond …

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