Genius Sports wins ‘game changing’ Football DataCo betting contract

Mark Locke, Genius Sports

Genius Sports Group betting subsidiary Betgenius has secured its biggest data contract to date, having been appointed as the ‘exclusive live data supplier’ for the English Premier League (EPL)English Football League (EFL) and Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) to the global sports betting industry.

Commencing season 2019/2020, Betgenius will act as the ‘official supplier of live data’ for sports betting enterprises, having been appointed by the Football DataCo – the IP and data rights holding company of British football’s three biggest leagues.

Today’s announcement sees Betgenius takeover English and Scottish football betting data distribution rights from competitor Perform Group, who had serviced Football DataCo as principal betting supplier since 2013.

Mark Locke, Genius Sports Group CEO, labelled the FootballDataCo partnership as ‘transformational for our organisation’  – stating that the agreement further “reinforces our position as the global leader in sports data capture and distribution technology”.

“This partnership upholds our commitment to ensuring sports remain at the heart of a sustainable sports betting ecosystem that is fair and rewarding for all participants,” Locke added.

“The use of secure, UK football league sanctioned data signals the increased maturity of the industry and recognises the value and protections that this official data feed provides. Football DataCo leads the world through its heavy investment in a product that assures operators can have complete confidence in its data supply to power some of most valuable sports betting content in the world, including all Premier League matches.”

Moving forward, Genius Sports Group will capture official live game data in-stadia at over 4,000 fixtures a season and distribute it to hundreds of licenced sportsbook operators around the world.

Adrian Ford –Football DataCo

Betgenius details that it will strive to deliver the industry’s fastest, most accurate and reliable data feed for in-play football betting products, helping develop innovation and long-term value.

Backing the appointment of Betgenius as betting data partner, Football DataCo General Manager Adrian Ford stated: “English and Scottish football is vital to any sportsbook offering and Genius Sports provided a compelling proposal to maximise the value of live data in the betting market for the Leagues. We look forward to working with Genius Sports, and its sports betting division Betgenius, in developing innovative data feeds for the market to use.”

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