Bet Advisor Form Table – Joao Gomez achieves 49% winning yield


Stefano Saccani Bet Advisor Affiliate & Business Development Manager reviews’s tipsters form and betting highlights: Week 5

Joao Gomez – Tipster of the Week

With 24 tips placed, +737 units of profit and a yield of 49.13%, it’s no surprise that Joao Gomez wins the tipster of the week award this week. A solid run of tips, especially over the weekend just gone in Brazil and International fixtures has seen him set himself up for a third consecutive month of profit. He won 15/24 tips, which is a solid performance, but considering a fair few winning tips of his were certainly classed as ‘outsiders’, his profit has soared once more. Having made a profit of well over 700 units in October, he has now set himself the personal challenge of surpassing that total in November, and the way he is going, he is more than capable. A very solid performer for a long time here at Bet Advisor, with more than 7,000 units and more than a 6% yield over more than 1,700 tips so far. He should be part of your portfolio if he isn’t already!

Federico Parini – Something to Prove

Last week Federico was described as the “new NBA kid on the block”, and although it was true, he didn’t like it. He wants to be known as an established profitable tipster here at Bet Advisor, and his results this week have certainly helped his cause. 15 tips, 310+ units of profit and a yield of 33.73% are certainly statistics of a pro, and of a seasoned Bet Advisor Tipster. Like our tipster of the week, Parini is now really pushing on in November in an attempt to surpass his impressive profit for October. Whether you want to add him to your portfolio now, or wait just a little longer until he has ‘proved himself’ that little bit more is up to you, but he is a man on a mission at the minute and we at Bet Advisor like it a lot!

John Fisher – Easy does it

With the international break comes a lull in tips from the football experts. John provided just 8 tips this week, he kept it simple, didn’t go chasing for bets for the sake of it. The outcome was that he managed a 73% Yield with 4 winners and 2 void bets from 8. How did he get such an impressive return of 546.6 units from just 4 winners? Well, he correctly predicted that Athletic United would defeat AIK in a friendly game, with a price of 7.91 with Pinnacle. It takes someone with a great mind to find winners like that. He is now at more than 3,000 total units of profit, with a Bet Advisor lifetime yield of more than 6%. John has now set himself up for a potentially record breaking month.

Ante Mijatovic – Building a foundation

Still new on the platform, Ante has steadily been proving himself to us for a while, and we know his credentials and analysis is top notch. His members are now starting to see that too, with a great end to the weekend with 5 winners and a void on Sunday from 6 tips. Only a bit of bad luck earlier in the week stopped him from being in contention for the tipster of the week. A 10.2% yield from his 29 tips this week was a good return, and was almost so much greater too. He is being followed by more and more members as he continues to prove himself, and they have not been disappointed, he’s certainly one to watch and one that is worth following when it comes to Internationals and European competitions.

Bet Advisor Form Table

Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Joao Gomez Football 737.00 49.13% 24 62%


2 Aiden Monroe AM Horse Racing 618.75 128% 5 80%  5/6
3 John Fisher Football 546.6 73.86% 8 50%  5/6
4 Federico Parini Basketball 310.3 33.73% 15 60%  5/5
5 Matt Walker Horse Racing 292.8 45.75% 8 37.5%  6/6
6 Milos Nusic Basketball 224.00 40.00% 7 71%  5/6
7 Ante Mijatovic Football 197.8 10.20% 29 48%


8 Jeremy Price Football 98.00 32.67% 3 67%  6/6
9 Davide Palombi Football 90.00 48.90% 27 37%  2/2
10 Andreas Kloft Rugby 72.5 24.17% 6 67%  6/6


Content provided by Stefano Saccani Bet Advisor Affiliate & Business Development Manager 


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