SBC News Bet Advisor – Form Table – Week 24 - Big Games & Big Gains

Bet Advisor – Form Table – Week 24 – Big Games & Big Gains


Following a weekend of full sporting action which included Formula1, basketball, major horse racing events and a full schedule of European football, April is becoming a key month for Bet Advisor tipsters. This weeks form table winning yield has peaked to 80% and sees lots of fresh faced junior tipster enter the table. Horse racing enthusiast Gary Gleason tops this week form table with an outstanding 2070 unit profit.

Featured Tipster of the Week – Bet Catalyst

This week sees Bet Catalyst as our strongest performing Featured Tipster here at Bet Advisor. With 22 selections during a busy week of horse racing, he performed very well, bringing in +732 units of profit and a yield of over 50%. After a very solid start in the early days here, April now looks as though it could bring his profits above the +3,000 unit barrier . In fact, as it stands, he has made +3,113 units of profit from 157 tips on the Bet Advisor website, making his clients extremely pleased with his performances. His knowledge is impressive, highlighted by some good wins at decent prices, including Dan Cossack at Aintree on Friday (priced at 5.00), along with Thunder and Roses at Fairyhouse on Monday (priced at 26.00!).

To gain his edge, Bet Catalyst utilises his own unique speed ratings to create short-lists that he can then analyse using his “5 good reasons” method – meaning he will only advise on a horse if he can establish 5 valid reasons why it is worth backing. It’s working very well so far, and we expect it to continue.

Senior Tipster of the Week – Mike Cloud

Mike Cloud is our Senior Tipster of the Wee,, amassing +800 units from just 5 picks. A 60% win rate means he won 3 of the 5 bets he advised this week, but with some very good prices, this resulted in some very impressive profits. Backing Glastonberry to place at Lingfield last Tuesday was a particular highlight, placing at odds of 7.60.

With April starting so strongly, it now looks set to be his fourth straight month of profit, leaving his clients very happy with the level of service he provides. Using his own speed and handicap ratings, Mike is able to highlight the best value horses for any race he analyses, and once certain criteria are met, he then pulls the trigger and places the bet (as well as sharing it with his Bet Advisor clients). His recent performances have been impressive, and with the flat season well and truly underway, he’s certainly one to keep an eye on. +4,800 units from his total of 680 tips makes him an absolute must for any betting portfolio. His lifetime yield of 21.08% is truly remarkable.

Junior Tipster of the Week – Jason Dominick

Jason Dominick is our only football tipster in the review this week, but he was our strongest performing Junior Tipster here at Bet Advisor. From 10 picks, he returned a profit of +1,045 units, and a yield of 104.5%! This record is nothing new to this junior though, as April is set to become his fourth straight month of profit since joining the Bet Advisor team.

England and Spain have been his most fruitful nations to date, with a 35% and 42% yield respectively. 111 tips in to his Bet Advisor career and his yield is still above 20%, and with his profit already above the +2,000 unit mark, he is becoming increasingly popular with the Bet Advisor users – and why not? With just an average stake of £50 on his tips, you’d now be looking at more than £1,100 profit. For more serious punters with larger stakes, that number would only get bigger. He provides analysis and justification for each tip, something we know his clients appreciate as it helps them understand why they are backing what Jason is suggesting.

On Form – Matt Walker

Another horse racing tipster on the Bet Advisor books is our in-form Matt Walker. His long term results are incredibly strong, and this week’s performance is indicative of what his many clients have become accustomed to. 10 picks and a profit of +520 units is about par for the course for Matt and his clients. A consistent lifetime yield of 7.3% from a whopping 1650+ tips makes him the epitome of consistency.

April looks set to be his 11th month of profit from the last 12 months, which is a truly solid record. His current form is a real stand out too – with him amassing more than +2,200 units of profit since the beginning of March, from just 42 tips!

Bet Advisor Form Table – Week 24

Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Category Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Gary Gleason Junior Horse Racing 2070.00 154.48% 14 1400% 3/4
2 Jason Dominick Junior Football 1045.00 104.50% 10 100% 4/4
3 Mike Cloud Senior Horse Racing 804.20 160.83% 5 500% 4/4
4 Bet Catalyst Featured Horse Racing 732.00 50.48% 22 1600% 3/4
5 Goran Mandic Junior Basketball 683.00 62.09% 11 700% 4/6
6 Christos Kostis Junior Football 662.50 49.44% 14 0% 3/4
7 Kristian Nordquist Senior Handball 624.00 69.33% 9 200% 4/6
8 Robert Volkan Junior Football 606.10 35.03% 20 200% 4/5
9 Roy Thomson Featured Football 580.80 50.68% 18 700% 4/5
10 Matt Walker Senior Horse Racing 520.00 65.00% 10 1000% 5/6


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