Bet Advisor – Form Table – Week 22 – Enter April!


Formbet leads the Bet Advisor form table at the end of March in what has been a competitive month of sports. March ends with a betting yield of +100 combined with a win rate of +65%. We have also seen a new set of Bet Advisor Junior tipster become top performers showing the calibre of our betting tips product. So lets push things forward in April!

Featured Tipster of the Week – Formbet

Well, what a week for Formbet! Just 5 tips this Saturday for the entire week, but with 2 very high priced winners, his profit and yield surpassed everyone here at Bet Advisor. Formbet correctly selected the winner in the 15:10 at Doncaster and the 15:30 at Chelmsford. The winner at Donny was Chatez, priced at a whopping 23.00 (22/1), with the winner 20 minutes later at Chelmsford being Royal Bajan, priced at 16.23. His 5 tips brought in profit of more than +1,000 delivered from just 140 units staked – meaning a huge yield of 746%! His members were more than happy with this performance, which isn’t a one off. Formbet has provided almost 2,200 picks, amassing more than +12,000 units of profit with an all-time yield of 10.86%. His average odds are over 11.50 and combine that with a 25% win rate and you’ve got yourself a very profitable tipster. Combining a service like this with other services is a great way to profit over the long term, so go check him out and make your own mind up.

Senior Tipster of the Week – Ferdinando Palladio

A very solid week for Ferdinando looks likely to help March become his third profitable month from the last four. This week saw him provide 23 picks (not overly surprising given the busy schedules associated with basketball leagues across the globe), and he won a very strong 91% of them (21/23). Over the week, he focussed on ML (match line) betting, which meant some of the odds were a little shorter than usual, but his win rate ensured +587 units of profit and a yield of more than 27.5%. With a strong focus on the USA (NBA, not college basketball), Ferdinando has obtained more profit from across the Atlantic than any other nation. His picks over there have been very strong, with a lifetime yield of 10% from NBA. Overall yield is solid at 4.4% and looks set to improve further if the last 7 days are anything to go by.

Junior Tipster of the Week – Simon Botev

Simon Botev has now been with us for a fraction over two months, and his picks are already causing a stir in the tipster community. He has a focus on high volume sports betting to gain an edge on games where prices are incorrect according to his plethora of sports models. He has already provided more than 250 picks for his clients since joining Bet Advisor in late Jan 2015, but Feb and March have seen profits surpass +500 units, which is a very solid performance. Like many of the world renowned trading houses, Simon doesn’t need an overly high yield because the high volume of bets he generates means good profits can be made from even ‘modest’ yields. Since joining BA, his yield sits at 4.22%, providing more than +1,000 units of profit. His service would remain very profitable even with a 2% yield, so be sure to check him out. Remember, higher frequency betting is likely to see less fluctuation

in the long term, providing a more consistent service.

Mr Handy – Kristian Nordquist

Kristian is a solid sports tipster, and has been for some time now. At Bet Advisor, he has provided 500 handball picks, and amassed almost +3,500 units of profit (with a yield of more than 7%). This week, Kristian provided his clients with 6 picks, and ALL won. 4 from Sweden and one from both Spain and Germany saw a lovely 100% against his name for this week’s stats. A very impressive return, bringing a yield of more than 90%. March on the whole has been very strong too, with +760 from 27 picks (and a 28% yield). He is profitable in all 5 of the domestic leagues that he covers – Spain, Denmark, France, Germany and Sweden – with the most profit coming from Sweden. His consistency is very impressive across the board, with each domestic league having a success rate between 50-58%. You know what to expect when you follow Kristian’s handball picks, he picks similar lines, at similar odds and provides similar profits across the board. Following a profitable handball tipster can really help add diversity to your sports betting portfolio – so be sure to give Mr Nordquist a try.

Bet Advisor Form Table -Week 22

      Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Category Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Formbet Featured Horse Racing 1045.00 746.69% 5 40.00% 2/5
2 Ruben Acosta B’ball Junior Basketball 802.00 27.47% 30 53.33% 2/3
3 Ferdinando Palladio Senior Basketball 587.00 27.56% 23 91.30% 3/5
4 Simon Botev Junior Football 577.00 36.06% 16 68.75% 2/3
5 Kem Fallon Junior Football 550.00 45.83% 12 75.00% 2/2
6 Kristian Nordquist Senior Handball 542.00 90.33% 6 100.00% 3/6
7 Achille Piecheur Senior Football 478.00 34.14% 14 64.29% 2/4
8 Radek Kovar Junior Football 380.40 33.96% 14 64.29% 2/3
9 Ian Woods Senior Horse Racing 380.40 135.84% 7 42.86% 3/3
10 Philippe Thayer B’ball Junior Basketball 361.80 48.89% 8 75.00% 3/3

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