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DS Virtual Gaming: Taking the online experience to the betting shop

As DS Virtual Gaming launches a new Online Retail Solution, SBC News caught up with its Head of Business Development, Araksi Sargsyan, to find out all about it.

In this interview, she explains what the product means for players and operators, who will now be able to use the virtual games specialist’s full range of online content in a retail setting.

SBC: Could you tell us about the thinking and technology behind DS Virtual Gaming’s new Online Retail Solution? 

Araksi Sargsyan: Our latest Online Retail Solution is a revolutionary approach that allows betting shops to effortlessly implement our games without investing in expensive hardware. 

We have defined two application possibilities that are completely based on HTML5. The desktop version contains a link that can be embedded into an existing internet-enabled device, while the mobile version is based on a QR code that can be scanned by the players themselves. 

Hundreds of shops can be activated hassle-free within hours, at no cost. 

Players can access DS Virtual Gaming’s content online or in-store. 

SBC: What advantages does the solution deliver for the operator and the staff in its shops? 

AS: No fixed installations are required and the link or QR code is connected to the cashier system. So, all the activities can be monitored through our interactive VG Control tool, in real time. 

The products are self-explanatory and are no-brainers to operate. The staff will have an easier time as their sole task consists of printing out the tickets and accepting the payments. 

SBC: What benefits does the solution have for players in betting shops? 

AS: The customers enjoy full control over their wagers and get instant feedback about their actions on their own mobile phones. The players stake their own bets and monitor the entire process independently. Once they order the tickets, they get a number and can buy the slips at the cash desk. In this context it is worth mentioning that the tickets only become valid once they are paid. 

SBC: What content will be available via the Online Retail Solution? 

AS: Basically, all our products are available on the platform, as this solution is a duplicate of our online presence. Hence, online and land-based merge seamlessly. 

The customer plays at home and continues enjoying the same fun in the betting shop, in the same format. 

SBC: Could you tell us what DS Virtual Gaming has planned for the rest of 2023? 

AS: From the product side, we recently launched KickBoxMania, which is a wonderful virtual game with real kickboxing fights that is unique on the market. We have also released RacingHorses with a new presentation and HD content. We have a dynamic team and I believe that we can expect a lot this year. 

From a market development perspective, we are planning to showcase our new solutions to a wide variety of operators in different markets and that is why we are looking forward to meeting potential customers in Peru (PGS Peru), Barcelona (SBC Summit Barcelona) and Miami (SBC Summit Latinoamérica). We want to  demonstrate to operators what the future of virtual games will be.

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