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DS Virtual Gaming: bringing speed and simplicity to retail betting shops

DS Virtual Gaming has embarked on a mission: to create a smoother and more pleasant experience for players who want to bet on virtual games in retail betting shops. 

And, like many sectors globally, while the rise of online gaming has posed a significant threat to retail operations, DS Virtual Gaming has utilised digital technology to solve a brick-and-mortar problem. 

In 2023, the virtual game technology firm launched its order ticket solution, allowing players to place bets in a retail shop via their mobile devices. The solution seeks to create a more efficient process, not just for bettors, but for the retail betting shops as fewer resources are needed to process the bets. 

Ahead of its appearance at ICE London, DS Virtual Gaming Head of Business Development Araksi Sargsyan speaks to SBC News about the introduction of the OTS as well as what delegates can expect to see at the virtual gaming provider’s stand next month. 

SBC News: 2023 saw DS Virtual Gaming launch the Order Ticket Solution. How has the system performed in 2023 and what are the key figures to highlight? 

Araksi Sargsyan
Araksi Sargsyan, DS Virtual Gaming Head of Business Development. Image: DS Virtual Gaming

Araksi Sargsyan: The Order Ticket Solution was introduced last summer with the purpose of revolutionising the way in which people wager in betting shops. With this new system, players can bet in-store with their own smartphones. It has created new dynamics in the company; now we can provide games with speed and simplicity. Our entire system is now available on a single link or QR code that only needs to be added on existing computers or scanned from mobile phones. 

Normally the quantity of TVs in the betting shops is small, meaning the transmission of games is limited. However, with the OTS, we show the transmission of all games and the  players can make their bets by themselves. Since punters create their own tickets, the number of the positions in the tickets increased 30% and, consequently, the overall turnover increased by the same amount as well. 

SBC: What benefits does the OTS deliver for operator partners? 

AS: As stated above, speed and simplicity are the key factors for the success of the system.  

We put whole games, statistics, information about current and upcoming games and, most importantly, transmission of all games in one single link or QR code. The link can be put on computers in the betting shops or the players can directly scan the QR code from their smartphones and enjoy full control of their bets. The punters order the tickets and only have to pay for the slips at the cash desk. When the payment is accepted, the bet becomes valid.  

The bookmaker benefits from the fact that fewer mistakes are made because the players manage the betting process. Also, fewer cashiers have to be hired because their task consists in only collecting the money. Moreover, there is no need to buy new equipment and the OTS works even if there is a poor internet connection. Last but not least, all processes are automated at DSVG, so we can activate all our products through our remote service system to a big number of betting shops seamlessly and quickly. 

Of course, it is a new technology and changing the habits of players is not always easy, but nowadays we use our mobile phones 24/7 and I strongly believe that this trend will become standard in our industry in the short-to-mid term. 

SBC: How would you assess the virtual gaming space in 2024 and what  opportunities do you foresee for the sector? 

AS: The numbers from virtual games keep on rising significantly and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, the games are fast and interactive so players can get involved easily. They are simple and don’t require particular knowledge to start to play which is also a big plus. Last year, we achieved a new turnover record every single month and we set an absolute record in December. This year will bring new numbers and we will see new offers for the players. 

SBC: You will be attending ICE in February – what can delegates expect to see at  your stand and what products are you exhibiting? 

AS: The first thing the delegates will notice is the unusual design of our stand (S2-120). It resembles very much the values of the company: we are the ones who bet on a classical style with modernism. The same can be said about our games. We offer iconic titles with the latest technological approach which make them popular among all-age player groups. 

We put much importance on quality and that will be evidenced right away as soon as someone enters our booth. And this is exactly the message that we want to  convey: with us you get quality. 

We will naturally showcase all our products and will highlight the OTS. 

SBC: Could you outline what plans DS Virtual Gaming has for the rest of 2024? 

AS: Our team is steadily growing and will continue growing this year. We have recently hired two new members who are veterans in the industry. The visitors will be surprised to see them at our stand. 

Throughout 2024, we have a very ambitious plan in terms of exhibitions. We want to be present at the big and relevant shows, such as ICE, GAT, PGS, SBC Summit, SBC Summit Latinoamerica and more.

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