Jette Nygaard-Andersen takes charge of Entain as new CEO

Jette Nygaard-Andersen: Entain must sharpen its customer centric approach

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, the new CEO at Entain, made her debut corporate statement this morning by stating that she wishes to pursue a ‘customer centric’ strategy across the FTSE100 global gambling portfolio. 

Joining Entain in January 2021, the CEO has ‘immersed’ herself in the company to become familiar with the ‘people, operations and customers’, having already known ‘a fair bit about the business’ due to her previous experience as a mass market strategist and advisor to the Entain corporate charter a year prior to its execution.

“I want us to become a much more customer centric business by listening to our customers analysing the data and delivering what meets their needs, either today or tomorrow as new trends emerge,” she said.

“We can truly revolutionise betting and gaming entertainment on the global stage. And we can combine that with our approach to responsibility and player protection.”

The CEO also pointed to Entain’s ‘significant technological advantage’ over its competitors in developing a customer focused experience, adding: “As I’ve said before, being truly customer centric will really enable us to win. Our technology will be at the centre of that, enabling us to personalise our offering for our customers, whether that means products and services, user experiences, or indeed protection.”

A key ambition for Entain will be the further development of its technological offerings, including the in-house integration of SSBT platforms to provide a ‘truly omni channel experience’ for customers in an effective manner.

Broadening the brand appeal, Nygaard-Andersen noted, is also essential to developing Entain’s customer strategy, with a widening of the firm’s product range and marketing activities the primary focus of this ambition. 

Entertainment, she stated, should be at the forefront of all customer acquisition and retention disciplines if Entain brands are to meet their individual mass market ambitions. 

Additionally, the CEO highlighted Entain’s proactive strategy regarding player protection, arguing that a balance must be struck between the provision of entertainment and customer safeguards – in which Entain must offer the safest online environments, easing regulatory concerns. 

The implementation of the ARC (Advanced Player Protection) initiative, as well as a data driven approach to the issue, was highlighted as a core aspect of Entain’s strategy regarding player protection, and the development of its customer centric approach.

Nygaard-Andersen noted that the operator has been conducting research and leveraging data analytics to identify key markers of customer behaviour which may indicate problem gambling, including chasing losses and high frequency of play. Additionally, the firm has embraced a policy of discrete intervention, such as limiting deposits. 

The initiative has been described as a ‘scientific and evidence based approach’ to player protection, resulting in an experience which is ‘much more positive’ for users.

Moving away from the customer focus of Entain’s strategy, Nygaard-Andersen also addressed new markets, particularly esports, fans of which are more likely to bet than followers of traditional sports.

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