SBC News iGaming Launch and Upgrade: GR8 Tech gets personal with two new solutions

iGaming Launch and Upgrade: GR8 Tech gets personal with two new solutions

Operating a gambling company is no easy feat, especially when you’re relying on a third-party provider to adapt their products to suit your needs. 

For some gambling operators, a truly personalised approach is needed. This is where GR8 Techs new solutions, iGaming Upgrade and iGaming Launch, come into play. 

Launched at the end of May, these two solutions have been designed to deliver a more personalised, customisable experience for GR8 Tech’s operator clients – something that the provider believes will undoubtedly lead to further growth and new expansion opportunities.

The decision to take a more bespoke approach to partnerships stems from the growing demand for flexibility from GR8 Tech’s clients, CEO Evgen Belousov told SBC News.

He explained that GR8 Tech’s experience and industry expertise has given the company an in-depth understanding of what solutions its clients may want, and need, having operated in both the B2C and B2B spaces. 

One of the biggest learnings from GR8 Tech team’s nearly 30 years of experience in the gambling industry is that a reliance on one-size-fits-all solutions can inadvertently limit and slow the operators down, instead of fostering their individual growth. On an industry-wide scale, these solutions can ultimately hinder the sector’s potential for growth.

So how do you overcome this issue? According to Belousov, the answer lies in flexible solutions and best-in-class technology. He said: “We believe that the industry needed some innovative approach for a while now, so ‘now’ is exactly the right time. If you have a solution to a long-standing problem, it’s best to share it with the world as soon as possible.”

The flexibility of iGaming Upgrade and iGaming Launch is arguably one of the solutions’ biggest benefits, Belousov explained, and is something GR8 Tech believes sets the products out from what is currently on offer to betting and gaming companies.

GR8 Tech developed both iGaming Upgrade and iGaming Launch using its proprietary platform, with both solutions offering a wide range of modules, such as sports betting and casino, analytics, CMS, CRM, PAM, seamless wallet and a payment gateway, and others. These wide ranging products can be seamlessly integrated into third-party platforms, thereby increasing flexibility for its clients and remedying the pain points that operators might face. This will then help operators to address specific requirements “with incredible precision”, the CEO added. 

It’s all about the personal touch

Belousov highlighted that individual technology requirements call for a personalised response. This is something that has become increasingly apparent as regulation across the iGaming industry is continuously changing, meaning operators are constantly having to meet new legislative demands.

For GR8 Tech, the changing landscape accelerated the need to offer more personalised solutions to its clients. This doesn’t come without its own unique set of challenges however.

“First, the iGaming industry encompasses a wide range of operators with diverse business models, target markets, and operational requirements. Customising solutions for each operator while maintaining scalability and efficiency can be complex,” the GR8 Tech CEO noted. “The dynamic regulatory landscape adds another layer of complexity, as operators must comply with different jurisdictions and adhere to varying compliance standards.”

To overcome these challenges, GR8 Tech has taken somewhat of a “meticulous approach” to solution development by carrying out extensive research to gauge an understanding of what its clients need. 

C-Level issues alleviated

SBC News iGaming Launch and Upgrade: GR8 Tech gets personal with two new solutions

Among the key findings within GR8 Tech’s research was that many CEOs often feel a “lack of control over operations” due to the complexity of their existing systems. In many cases, CEOs expressed concerns over having a heightened reliance on third-party platforms, with this ultimately driving costs of operation up, resulting in a greater financial burden for the company. 

The downtimes of platforms was pinpointed as a major issue for CTOs, however, with some expressing their agitation over “poor communication with vendors and loss of data in the course of migration”. 

This wasn’t the only issue raised by CTOs. In fact, GR8 Tech noted that the majority of respondents were “very much scared about downtimes of platforms which sometimes occur, and they all often say that the platform itself is like a black box – they lack access to data in the way they need”.

Localisation was a key concern for CPOs, with changing regulatory situations and ways of adapting being the main reason for scrutiny of existing solutions on the market.

Belousov explained that these issues highlighted the need for configurability of platforms and the speedy integration of new features. 

He noted that many platform providers will launch features without consideration of what their clients need – but this is an approach that GR8 Tech would like to distance itself from. Instead, the company will launch features in line with its partners’ requirements.

Belousov added: “Going into the B2B industry, we were certain in our technology. It has been tried and tested in various conditions to date and we know it’s great, able to serve millions of players simultaneously and withstand the highest loads. However, even by that time, our industry expertise told us that good tech alone is not enough. 

“Many providers have good developments; if the competition in the B2B market did not challenge us, we wouldn’t be so passionate about the whole endeavour. So, we asked ourselves: what could we do differently? 

“The research we then conducted involved a combination of market analysis, insights from industry conferences and exhibitions, learnings from the operational history of GR8 Tech’s clients over three decades, as well as numerous personal discussions with potential partners. 

“We aimed to identify key pain points and challenges faced by operators at different stages of their lifecycle and uncover the specific requirements and aspirations of operators looking to enter new markets, as well as those seeking to upgrade their existing operations.” 

Removing the administrative burden

When developing iGaming Launch, GR8 Tech noted that its specific target clientele would be new iGaming investors or existing operators looking to expand their global footprint. 

The supplier will support these endeavours via its technology platform and managed services, a business plan, a training centre, a grace period and a business operations add-on, which provides managed operations specifically for iGaming.

Belousov shared that many of the day-to-day problems of operators are related to the poor alignment of the components of their ecosystems, largely stemming from integration of several technologies from different providers.

However, GR8 Tech is committed to removing this burden and help its partners to shift their focus to strategic aspects of their business with its “comprehensive technology platform and expert managed services”.

On the other hand, iGaming Upgrade will target firms seeking customisable solutions for integration into existing ecosystems, specifically aiming to boost business and focus on strategic development rather than ‘being burdened’ with day-to-day operations.

For established iGaming operators seeking an upgrade, Belousov told SBC that the iGaming Upgrade solution will be equipped with product customisation tools, rich APIs, and player migration capabilities which will ultimately streamline operations and automate administrative processes. 

This empowers operators to focus on growth, innovation, and delivering an exceptional iGaming experience to their clients. 

GR8 Tech believes that these two solutions will help alleviate the headaches that its partners may face and will help to drive further growth across the iGaming industry as a whole.

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