GR8 Tech overhauls ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach with igaming launches

GR8 Tech overhauls ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach with igaming launches

GR8 Tech has launched two new igaming solutions, iGaming Upgrade and iGaming Launch, focusing on a need to hone in on specific operator requirements.

The Cyprus-based B2B tech firm aims to provide a more tailored offering than the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach it believes is common in the global igaming sector.

Both solutions have been built on GR8 Tech’s proprietary platform and a set of modules, including CRM, Payment Gateway, PAM & Seamless Wallet, CMS, and an Analytics Module.

Additionally, the two products feature a sportsbook and casino offering, which the company stresses can be ‘seamlessly integrated’ into third-party platforms as standalone offerings.

Denys Parkhomenko, GR8 Tech CPO, said: “Each client has unique needs and challenges, which depend on the perspective of the team or manager, the specific task at hand, and the business plans.

“After carefully examining the variables, we developed solutions that are flexible enough to address all possible scenarios and provide operators with not just products, but answers to their pains and needs. Whether a business requires a powerful start, a quick fix, or a complete revamp, we have something unique for every case.”

The specific target clientele of the Launch solution are existing operators looking at new markets and investors interested in the sector, and featuring a ‘comprehensive solution’ to support such plans.

This includes a technology platform and managed services, a business plan, a training centre, a grace period and a business operations add-on, which provides managed operations specifically for igaming.

Meanwhile, Upgrade targets firms seeking customisable solutions for integration into existing ecosystems, specifically aiming to boost business and focus on strategic development rather than ‘being burdened’ with day-to-day operations.

The solution features product customisation tools, rich APIs, player migration tools, and a platform designed to handle ‘huge loads’.

Evgen Belousov, GR8 Tech CEO, said: GR8 Tech’s iGaming Launch and iGaming Upgrade solutions represent a brand-new approach in the industry, an approach that first and foremost works with individual needs. We are committed to empowering operators with the tools they need to succeed, whatever the task may be.”

Summing up GR8 Tech’s approach to igaming in an interview with SBC earlier this year, CTO Artur Ashyrov explained that the company aims for its solutions to serve as a ‘flexible, adaptable, powerful base for the growth of the igaming business’.

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