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Oliver Lietz: A blueprint to target growing markets like Brazil

SBC News Oliver Lietz: A blueprint to target growing markets like Brazil
Oliver Lietz – nanocosmos

Ahead of next month’s ICE London Oliver Lietz, CEO at nanocosmos, takes a look at the demands igaming and betting operators face when targeting growing markets like Brazil and shares how the company is addressing them.

At ICE London, Feb 6-8, booth N9-322 nanocosmos will present nanoStream Cloud as a solution for adding interactive live streaming to live games and bets. Key features include the H5Live Player, 100% up time, 24/7 support, ultra-low latency, security, analytics and a content delivery network that promises reliable delivery everywhere 24/7, including Brazil. 


With the recent approval of gaming regulations in Brazil, including online casinos and sports betting, the gaming and betting industry is set to continue to boom. And considering its expected growth in terms of internet and smartphone users as well as the importance of mobility for gamers, the Brazilian igaming and betting market has huge potential.

While using real-time video streaming for igaming is generally key when it comes to running successful live games like online poker, bingo, roulette, blackjack, the unique characteristics of Brazil’s gaming audiences demand careful consideration. 

Streaming in Brazil: key requirements for successful operations

Generally, operators must take care of the typical requirements of igaming streaming. This includes ensuring sub-second latency, maintaining uninterrupted operations with 100% uptime to keep the game constantly accessible, and providing support across all devices and browsers. 

Since our cloud-based solution was discovered at ICE eight years ago to work rock-solid for all devices on a global level, we have proven to be on the right track with our market and customer-oriented approach. We made sure to incorporate various features into our platform and API, so operators do not have to worry about the stability and quality of their streams.

More challenges to consider for delivering top-notch streaming experiences

In general, gamers and betters are a demanding target group and operators know about this and take the importance of minimal latency seriously when it comes to streaming live games and bets: Only real-time interaction provides the immersive experience that will bond players to come back. 

However, companies looking to tap into the markets like Brazil will have to deal with the fact that high-end internet connections are far from being a standard.

To ensure a smooth streaming experience even in areas with less-than-optimal connectivity a streaming solution needs to support this with, for example, Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming that adjusts the video quality in real-time based on the viewer’s network conditions. Next to that, we see that a reliable and strong content delivery network is critical. Brazil’s size and diverse network conditions pose challenges in distributing live games or bets via streaming. A robust CDN becomes the backbone of successful streaming to handle demand without downtimes. Automatic failover mechanisms are essential to manage this effectively. 

Security measures 

In tandem with Brazil’s immense growth potential, there exists another significant challenge – content piracy. There is a need for igaming operators to prioritise security measures. Our solution offers features for insights into IP addresses and referrals, enabling swift action against unauthorised access. 

Analytics for Competitive Edge

Implementing analytics systems allows operators to gather insights into viewers’ behaviour and preferences. Regular analysis of these metrics enables operators to refine their streaming strategies, optimising content and delivery for their audience. Understanding the audience and improving the streaming experience are keys to success.


To thrive in dynamic markets like Brazil, operators must prioritise sub-second latency and a reliable comprehensive approach that promises reliable streaming without buffering. By embracing these key considerations, operators can deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to the Brazilian audience, setting the stage for success in the emerging gaming landscape. 

We look forward to returning to ICE as a renowned provider of B2B real-time video streaming with industry recognition and positive customer feedback alike. 


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