SBC News BetConstruct: staying ahead of the game with a streamlined website UX

BetConstruct: staying ahead of the game with a streamlined website UX

The igaming industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. And with more and more companies looking to get in on the action, it’s now more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

So how can a gambling company do this? Products, markets and marketing all have an important role to play. But what can also have a significant impact is the website for your company. 

In the third installment of a series in which BetConstruct takes us ‘back to basics’, the platform and solutions provider breaks down what operators must consider when setting up a website.

There are three ways in which a company can go about setting up a website: in-house, outsource or using a platform from a B2B provider.

Creating a website in-house does have the benefit of giving the gambling company maximum control over the development process, however BetConstruct pointed to some considerations that must be taken into account: time, budget, development and product integrations. 

“You get maximum control over the development process when you develop a gaming website from scratch. However, this approach is also the most time-consuming and most expensive of all listed here,” the blog reads.

“First, you need to find a team leader who knows how to create a gaming website, as the site’s back office has a particular architecture. The website should also be compatible with various third-party software such as payment processors, gaming and betting content, etc.

“An in-house solution is only recommended if you have a solid budget and development time. The process can take 12-18 months before the website is rolled out and will be expensive. And unfortunately, in most cases, in-house development does not justify the effort invested.”

Outsourcing the website development can reduce the burden of hiring a team of developers. However, this comes with the downside of deadlines being dependent on the third party team as well and prices determined by requirements.

BetConstruct said: “In terms of price, this approach is somewhere in between. When working with a contractor, you can agree on the terms of deployment. You can also understand the cost of development, which allows you to plan your expenses on a global scale. 

“However, this ideal model will only work if the contracting company can deploy the product in a timely manner. Deadlines often shift when it comes to projects of this scale and complexity.”

This brings us on to the third option that BetConstruct proposes – partnering with a B2B platform provider, which the company believes is the “most time and resource efficient”. 

Using a third party provider can give operators access to readily-made code, an ‘out of the box’ website that is ready to launch as well as built-in payment systems and additional tools for marketing. 

Platform providers will be able to develop the websites and work alongside partners to create new features and functionalities to improve the overall betting experience. BetConstruct also noted that many platform providers will provide regular performance metrics so operators can review any issues that they may be facing. 

Since we also live in a multi-screen society, something that also needs to be considered is the optimisation of your website so that people on both mobile and desktop can access your site. 

BetConstruct continued: “Maintaining separate sites for your mobile and non-mobile audiences can be expensive. By using responsive design, you can save money by eliminating the cost of paying for a mobile site. You will only need to invest in a single website design to appeal to reach all visitors and all devices. Once you have a responsive website, you can make changes quickly and easily. You don’t have to worry about making changes to two sites.

“Responsive design offers a much better user experience and can help convince people to give your company a chance. Since zooming and scrolling will be eliminated, the content will be viewed faster, and the overall experience for visitors will be much more positive.

“Responsiveness takes a lot of the stress out of running a gambling website. This will allow you to make changes yourself, quickly and easily, without having to hire a designer to handle every aspect of your website. Plus, with only one website, the other elements of your marketing will be much easier to manage.”

To read more about creating a gambling website, you can read BetConstruct’s blog.

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