Round table – Digitain: The future of sportsbook personalisation

Some of the leading suppliers to the sports betting industry offered their insights into the future for sportsbook personalisation based on automated customer segmentation, advanced behavioural analysis and predictive AI-driven models.

The next round table participant was Digitain, represented by its COO, Suren Khachatryan.

SBC: What role does pricing and risk have to play in the differentiation of a sportsbook offering?

SK: For those looking to choose a sportsbook supplier, the ability to offer differentiated pricing and risk across the board in multiple markets and through numerous channels is essential.

With over 350 in house risk managers and sports traders operating across 65 sports and 3,000 betting markets, we deliver tailored pricing strategies and models for each of our customers, segmented by player, market and channel to ensure true differentiation.

Flexibility of pricing is also key, and a full turnkey solution is essential for sportsbook to ensure that betting brands can deliver a strategy that sets them apart from their competition.

However, pricing is not the be all and end all of a sportsbook’s successful offering. Pricing competition is becoming closer than ever before amongst competitors, and as a result, customers are increasingly starting to value their user experience as much as the price. A sportsbook that can offer the most personalised, easy-to-use customer journey will see far more benefit to the bottom line than any discounted pricing strategy ever will be.  

SBC: How can operators build on their customer analytics to both enhance player experience and drive higher margins? 

SK: In an ever-more crowded marketplace, the tools to harness, analyse and apply customer data and analytics is integral to provide for an enhanced player experience.

With today’s ever-evolving technologies; data is no longer about assessing risk but rather in taking that information and predicting what do with it. The ‘Netflix Experience’ that is emerging with today’s online customer journey means that a player expects offerings to be tailored to them, with exactly what they want, before it is even demanded – and this is where customer analytics come in.

Data provision and evaluation to ensure this is provided is an essential part of what we do for over 100 platform partners, ensuring they can target the right players, at the right time – pushing content they are most likely to be interested in, and removing that which they would rather not see. This again brings us back to the value of the customer in driving higher margins – customer experience – and the value derived from it is what keeps the customer loyal to your brand. Without it, they’ll go elsewhere.

SBC: How can AI and analytics be used to personalise and tailor the sports betting experience?

SK: AI and analytics are a result of the data collected. Your sportsbook offering will only ever be as good as the data collected; and the engine that is used to take that data and decide what to do with it is an essential part of that. Predictive AI modelling is able to personalise offerings and ensure that when players log on, they are able to immediately interact with the content they are looking for.

AI and predictive modelling can also go the other way too – the Digitain signature automatic match allocation program uses algorithms to automatically identify which traders are most optimal for each betting market – ensuring the most efficient pricing model is delivered to each of our partners.

SBC: A lot has been said recently about gamification, what can it do for sportsbook?  

SK: When integrated into a segmentation and customer retention strategy, gamification can work wonders. A gamified experience – when merged with the right segmented customer, can drive players towards desired content at key times like never before. Combined with bonus rewards, competition against other players and other social elements, and you have an incredibly powerful tool on your hands.

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