Custom Spa – Alessandro Mastropasqua – Augmenting Reality

Italian technology firm Custom Spa aims to bring more innovation and high-tech solutions into the world of sports betting. They offer a wide range of multi-platform terminals for retail betting, that combine the latest printing and scanning solutions with software intended to improve both customer satisfaction and the general gaming experience.

The firm’s most recent innovation is ‘augmented reality’, introduced to the gaming world at last month’s ICE Totally Gaming conference. So what makes it such an interesting feature?

“Augmented reality can help all software houses engage the interest of betting targets,” explains Custom Spa Communications Manager Alessandro Mastropasqua. It is hoped that the solution can increase sales and client numbers while reducing costs, and is being rolled out across the sphere of gaming, lottery and betting.

Utilising elements of virtual reality, augmented reality increases information and content to offer a unique and elevated gaming experience.  

“Augmented Solutions could also be used to make brochures, catalogues or gaming data sheets, competitions and lotteries more attractive and appealing, making the player’s first contact with the product/service unique, and standing out from the competition,” Mastropasqua added.

“There are no limits at this point, the only one is from creativity. The technology makes a range of multimedia content available, which is displayed on the device, interacting in this way with reality, and augmenting it with endless options for solutions, images, data, information and videos in real time.”

Far from the new kids on the block, Custom has 25 years of experience, with an annual production of 795,000 products, and five worldwide production sites – in Italy, Romania, China, Brazil and India.

Looking to the future, there is a real excitement about the “2020 Industrial Plan”, driven by Custom’s Chairman and CEO Carlo Stradi.

“The goal of Custom is to offer complete and reliable solutions that would save our clients from having to use their own resources, thus removing them from focusing on the main activity of their business,” says Stradi.

Taking a practical approach to technological advancement, the firm hopes to improve industry efficiency, reliability and reduction of operating costs.

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