Marina Ilyina, CEO of PIN-UP Global
Image: PIN-UP Global

Marina Ilina: Why PIN-UP Global is ‘one of the best in the market’

PIN-UP Global’s ecosystem has proven resilient against the competitiveness of the international igaming space, according to Group CEO, Marina Ilina

Speaking to SBC at PIN-UP Global’s stand during the SBC Summit Barcelona last month, Ilina summarised PIN-UP Global’s operations and objectives, particularly the collaborative approach of its BOSE ecosystem.

Consisting of various independent companies which, as Ilina explained in a previous interview, are involved in ‘various entertainment products’, BOSE is a global ecosystem which strives to solve ‘large operational problems’ – but how was it established?

Ilina explained: “When the company had grown, we understood that it could not be a holding company like a lot of others, but we needed to diversify the directions of the company and implement the goal for each one.

“We tried to diversify and tell our employees that they have their own goals and the main issue is to achieve goals of their segment, which will ultimately achieve the goal of the whole ecosystem.”

In the years since launch, PIN-UP Global has initiated a ‘big renovation’, including multiple upgrades and enhancements of its core product. Ilina explained that this also comprised new designs, new products, a chat for CRM and a new sportsbook platform.

The firm’s offering and ecosystem is now ‘one of the best in the market’, she claimed, but to maintain its edge the ecosystem must ensure one thing, that both its overriding goal and the objectives of the individual companies remain clear.

“The goal should be very clear and very understandable for each part of the ecosystem, just for them to understand why they are doing this in such a way and what they are striving for.

“That is why we tell the goal of the ecosystem to each segment, and they have their own goals to achieve and to understand that they can do it.”

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