Marina Ilyina, CEO of PIN-UP Global

PIN-UP Global’s Marina Ilyina: a global ecosystem with no boundaries

Marina Ilyina, CEO of PIN-UP Global, unwraps the company’s intricate and multi-faceted approach to the igaming sector, underlining its ‘no-boundaries’ mentality and how it uses a people-first strategy to serve the business.  

SBC: For those among our audience who aren’t familiar with PIN-UP Global, can you provide an introduction to the ecosystem and an overall outline of what it does?

Marina Ilyina: PIN-UP Global is an international ecosystem of independent companies involved in the life cycle of various entertainment products. Imagine a network divided into different directions, each of which has its own unique profile. 

PIN-UP.TECH develops software for the igaming industry and provides infrastructure support for ecosystem companies. PIN-UP.BUSINESS is focused on outsourcing and efficient execution of business processes. PIN-UP.CRM builds a quality level of service and marketing for all clients of the ecosystem. 

PIN-UP.TRAFFIC provides products and services to customers on the international market with reliable payback traffic. PIN-UP.PLAY presents independent companies that have decided to work under the PIN-UP brand in their countries. PIN-UP.CARE works with non-profit organizations declaring the principles of social responsibility. 

PIN-UP.TEAM is focused on taking care of ecosystem specialists. All our areas have a common business goal – to achieve stable income, continuous development and efficient scaling of the ecosystem.

PIN-UP Global is represented in six countries of the world (Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Armenia, Peru). This year we plan to open an office in India. Around 2,000 people work in our team.

SBC: Where is PIN-UP Global currently active and which market segments does the ecosystem specialize in?

MI: PIN-UP Global has no boundaries, because the ecosystem’s activities cover the whole world. At the moment, our ecosystem includes several dozen companies that differ in areas: online and offline marketing, affiliate and SEO promotion, software development, fintech, customer service, operational direction, legal services, charitable foundation and many others.

In addition to that, we are always expanding our capabilities and welcome new partners who share our values and interests, as well as those, whose products or services are customer-oriented and of high quality.

SBC: Your BOES ecosystem appears to offer a wide range of features and applications. Tell us more about how it works and how it benefits operators?

MI: In order to solve large operational problems, we have divided the ecosystem into seven segments and a large number of microservices. So, PIN-UP Global has a lot of different software that improves the quality of gambling products.

Accordingly, being part of the ecosystem, operators get access to all possible developments and services – starting from automation or big data to machine-learning, which allows our partners to avoid huge losses when entering new markets.

For example, I want to talk about our PIN-UP.TRAFFIC segment, which has automated tracking of all traffic entering the product, allowing each operator to monitor its quality and payback. The tools our webmasters use are customizable, they see hourly detailed statistics with different possible analytics starting points and much more. Relying on the experience, expertise and opinion of our partners, I believe that cooperation with PIN-UP.TRAFFIC is the most effective of the many options on the market.

SBC: What are the company’s main values and what sets it apart from its competitors? What makes it unique in the marketplace?

MI: PIN-UP is a team of highly motivated people who are ready to develop constantly together with the ecosystem. At PIN-UP Global, management is based on the values that are formulated by our C-level and are the basis for the processes and policies of the ecosystem. They correct internal interaction, as well as give directions for improvement: Be the first to lead, Be an expert in your domain, Be a partner in teamwork, Be focused on the result, Be open and honest in communication.

The main thing for us is people. PIN-UP Global condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and actively helps the state in the struggle on the economic front. We started a charity fund PIN-UP Foundation. Its programs are aimed at helping Ukrainians and restoring the country. 

SBC: Looking forward to the rest of 2023, what plans do you have and are there any new developments that we can look forward to from PIN-UP Global?

The plans for 2023 consist of a complete upgrade of platforms and customization for the benefits of each client, by adding new products and expanding the geography of partnerships. Furthermore, we have unique developments (for example, anti-fraud tools) that will definitely be of a high interest to many operators. We are working on improving the risk assessment of transactions: we will use not only conventional approaches, but also machine learning to achieve greater accuracy in preventing fraud at various points of contact with customers. There is no such product on the market yet. There are plans to offer it not only to customers of the ecosystem.


Marina Ilyina, CEO of PIN-UP Global,

SBC News PIN-UP Global’s Marina Ilyina: a global ecosystem with no boundaries

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