Spotlight Sports Group: empowering stakeholders with custom site builds

Spotlight Sports Group: empowering stakeholders with custom site builds

Rick Wolf, Senior Vice President of US B2B Partnerships at Spotlight Sports Group, explains how the company’s award-winning custom site build capabilities can help create a “world-class user experience”.

For those of our readers who are less familiar with Spotlight Sports Group’s custom site build capabilities can you provide some insight?

We specialise in creating custom site builds to empower our customers to deliver sports-driven platforms that best fit their brand and audiences. Additionally, these custom platforms are white-label solutions that allow our partners to give the best possible experience to their audience plus the power to innovate without needing a single technology resource.

In addition to creating custom platforms, we make sites with the ability to seamlessly integrate any and all of our mainstream sports, fantasy sports and sports betting products. While some partners elect to utilise our games engine or interactive tools, others are strictly creating content sites with scores and basic assets plus our affiliate management services to activate their audience for fantasy sports and sports betting monetization. 

With each site build, we look to create immediate solutions for our partners while also considering long-term growth and scale to ensure a world-class user experience. In the fast-moving sports industry, immediate success and long-term growth are what these platforms are all about.

What are some benefits of creating these custom sites for your partners?

The most significant advantage of our platforms is the ability to free up our partner’s internal technology team’s time. For most, creating a platform is extremely time-consuming, and many of these platforms are made for specific events that are big revenue drivers.

Our partners can completely focus their attention elsewhere while our team creates user-friendly content and technology solutions. We specialise in driving revenue, building tools that engage, and audience retention, making our platforms especially beneficial for key sporting events throughout the year.

Every instance of our platform has a WordPress-like CMS with sports features and integrations built in to allow for integrated technologies for games, powerful analytic tools and more sports-related information such as the four S’s – scores, schedules, stats and standings.

Are these platforms just for start-ups, or have you worked with established companies as well?

We have built custom platforms for every type of company for a multitude of reasons. Spotlight Sports Group creates solutions for businesses. We created platforms for NBC Sports Edge and Sports Illustrated plus numerous smaller media companies for both one-off events and to power their entire businesses. 

We help start-ups that want to grow their audience and need to create their own powerful websites. In these instances, we work hand in hand with our partners on branding, the user journey, and deciding which of our products makes the most sense for the audience with which they want to engage with or create premium products with.

One of our clients,, has built an impressive site upon our white-label platform. Fantasy Life recently won an industry award for best product experience, which showcases the potential of how powerful these platforms can be when integrated with the right team.

With a team steeped in decades of experience, we can build platforms for any range of clients and ensure their success.

Earlier you mentioned that the custom builds include the ability to integrate any product, can you expand on this?

Certainly. As I referenced earlier, our custom platforms have the ability to integrate our wide array of industry-leading products. 

Some of our partners simply want a bracket challenge or free-to-play platform, which is right in our wheelhouse. These specific platforms are generally used for one-off events. However, other partners may want to engage with and drive revenue from sports bettors as legal sports betting grows in North America.

In this instance, we can integrate our actionable sports betting content, Affiliate Management Services product, engagement tools, and anything else our partners could utilize to engage their audience and drive revenues.

In some cases, our partners want only one of our products on the site while they manage everything else themselves, but as time goes on, we can scale with them as they grow. When this occurs, our tech team can seamlessly integrate any product our partners need at an unmatched speed.

Finally, can you tell us how these custom sites might connect to existing platforms?

This part of our custom platforms is quite unique. We work with our partners to ensure that these stand-alone platforms are connected to their main sites quickly and efficiently.

For our sportsbook partners, it is essential to connect these platforms to the proper pages in their apps to drive a seamless betting experience. Similarly, for our media partners, users who want to read more on the main platform don’t need to search for it.

For the most part, the majority of these platforms are built to drive sports betting revenue. With that in mind, our products display relevant sportsbook offers based on jurisdiction and allow bettors to place specific bets right from the custom platform.

If you want to learn more about these custom sites, you can connect with our team here.

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