Nikolay Vernydub & Evgeniy Bekker: looking towards a BETER future

Nikolay Vernydub & Evgeniy Bekker: looking towards a BETER future

In a post-ICE rundown, BETER’s Nikolay Vernydub and Evgeniy Bekker spoke with SBC News about the company’s flagship products and plans for 2023.

With new products on the horizon and major upgrades across all its verticals, BETER arrived at ICE London 23 ready to showcase all its BETER Esports, BETER Sports, BETER Gaming and BETER Live products to the world. 

The company operates across four verticals – esports, sports, live casino and gaming – and will be strengthening its position as the leading provider of next-gen betting content and gaming solutions through a series of fresh product launches in 2023. 

BETER Sports

To help cement its position in the market, its BETER Sports portfolio is introducing more table tennis events, new badminton tournaments and the “New Warriors Generation” MMA brand.  

The table tennis and badminton tournaments form part of the Setka Cup, BETER’s international sports platform, which hosts 24/7 live-streamed table tennis tournaments.

Launched in 2018 with a single table tennis room, Setka Cup now has 14 sports arenas across four European countries, where the games take place around the clock. 

After gaining five years of experience in organising and hosting table tennis events, the BETER Sports team decided to take things to the next level by partnering with table tennis championships from several locations around the world. Consequently, it will be providing partner operators with live streaming and odds from official national tournaments in Sweden, Brazil and India with more countries to be added soon.

Following the success of its live table tennis, the Setka Cup has now expanded into hosting badminton tournaments, which offer more than 260 games a month and are supported by the excellent levels of expertise offered by the BETER Sports team. These tournaments also include some of Ukraine’s top 15 badminton players, ensuring a high level of sporting quality. 

Operators can benefit from the Setka Cup because it offers more than 9,000 betting events per month with an average margin of more than 7.5%, provides live data and odds and is so popular that it sustains a growing social media community of 100,000 people to date.

Aside from the Setka Cup and the forthcoming national table tennis tournaments, BETER also runs the Asian Basketball League, which organises more than 10 basketball tournaments in Central Asia each year. 

There are three fast-paced matches a day featuring eight professional teams in a 5×5 format, which are all streamed from multiple angles to make the viewing experience more immersive and engaging for bettors, which ultimately drives the revenue growth for partners.

And that’s not all – there’s even more action on the way because BETER Sports will be rolling out even more exclusive content in new locations over the coming months.

One of the most eye-catching fresh events on BETER’s stand was the New Warriors Generation, professional MMA fights, developed specifically for online bookmakers. 

MMA is widely regarded as one of the most thrilling spectator sports in the world. In addition to the electrifying atmosphere, what draws bettors to this intense discipline is their emotional connection with the fighters, making MMA one of the most exhilarating and engaging sports to bet on.

There were four fights in one day, contested by professional fighters and streamed live using three camera angles. The first fight day was held in January and the second was in mid-February.

Evgeniy Bekker, BETER Esports General Manager
Nikolay Vernydub, BETER Sports Deputy General Manager

Speaking from the stand at ICE London, Nikolay Vernydub, BETER Sports Deputy General Manager, said: “BETER has a track record of success based on staying ahead of the latest industry trends and providing next-gen players with fast-paced engaging content. 

“We run sports tournaments that deliver in-demand, engaged content on a 24/7 basis for a next-gen audience and provide operators with fast-paced matches that are attractive, reliable and have high margins. 

“We’re constantly working to give our partners, and all our players, with popular and dynamically developing disciplines, spectacular sports, which drive engagement, like for instance MMA.”

BETER Esports 

Apart from offering top-class, live-streamed sporting action, BETER Esports also has a comprehensive range of esports products. Its ESportsBattle brand offers online tournaments around the clock in such disciplines as efootball, ebasketball, ehockey, CS:GO and Dota 2. All its fast-paced action involves more than 27,000 events each month.

One of BETER’s latest updates in esports was its launch of Dota 2 tournaments in January. 

These tournaments run for 11 days each, with five teams, each consisting of five 7,000-8,000 MMR members, battling in a round-robin format with a single elimination final. BETER also provides live streaming, live data and odds for all its Dota 2 matches, which are narrated by professional commentators.

Another of BETER’s most popular ESportsBattle events is CS:GO, which is offered in two formats – 5×5 and 2×2. 

BETER Esports also runs AI-driven Virtual eComp tournaments, which provide immersive experiences for its next-gen bettors and is one of the reasons why BETER is one of the leaders in the esports betting sector. The company has partnerships with the biggest official esports data providers, such as Bayes Esports and GRID, which means BETER can continue to develop and improve its esports offering and drive its esports betting vertical to be a leading product within the entire industry. 

Evgeniy Bekker, BETER Esports General Manager
Evgeniy Bekker, BETER Esports General Manager

Also present at ICE was BETER Esports General Manager, Evgeniy Bekker. He said: “We’ve spent the last few years developing and providing in-house esports that will delight our audiences, and we’re now introducing new products such as Dota 2 that will keep up our record of success. 

“We met many operators, partners and potential future clients at ICE London, who visited our booth and were clearly impressed by the range of our products, as well as the levels of expertise our team can provide across all our verticals.  

“I believe that ICE was definitely a success for us, and we are expecting new partnerships to come out of the many conversations we’ve been having.”

The excitement around BETER’s products, clearly visible by the number of people who visited the company’s stand at ICE London, isn’t just limited to sports and esports, however. 

Its BETER Live vertical, which offers live casino products, launched its Gravity brand in late 2022, which has the potential to have a strong pull among players everywhere. The brand currently offers two games – Gravity Blackjack and Gravity Roulette. 

Multipliers randomly appear in almost every Gravity Blackjack round and attach to the player’s side bets to boost their potential winnings. 

This adds more thrills to the game, as players do not know if a multiplier will land on their side bet – if they do, their winnings will be sent rocketing into the stratosphere. 

Likewise, Gravity Roulette is the roulette game with sky-high multipliers during bonus rounds and on all inside bets — the potential to multiply players’ winnings by up to x999. 

Both games in the Gravity brand come with high-quality designs and cosmic-themed special effects, providing an enticing and attractive player experience.

BETER’s CEO Gal Ehrlich took time out from speaking to those visiting its stand at ICE to explain to SBC how the company is “expanding our portfolio in each of our business lines this year”. 

He said: “This means we’ll be finding new ways of offering great engagement and a first-class experience to both traditional players and next-gen users. 

“BETER is also planning to expand its venues and player base, and we’re working on growing in all dimensions of our business. BETER times are coming, for sure.” 

The company is continuing to develop its content and products during 2023, providing users with a first-class experience as it races ahead with its ambitious road map, setting a course to deliver quality and excellence across its entire portfolio. 

Everyone who came to see the company’s stand at ICE knows that the future definitely looks BETER. 

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