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Damien Fearn – Tipstrr – Verified sharing is caring

Tipstrr is a fresh and new betting tipping service which prides itself on its verification system and transparency. Its aim is to set itself apart from the ten a penny tipster sites out there which are just looking to take subscription money without any real hope for turning a profit.

Damien Fearn, Tipstrr

Here’s what Tipstrr Managing Director Damien Fearn had to say.

SBC: Who is Tipstrr aimed at and why is it needed? There are other tipster sites out there. What sets yours apart? 

Damien: The whole concept of is based around providing an easy to use platform for sports bettors to share and verify their betting records. We believe that there are a few points that really set us apart from other tipster sites out there.

The first of these is that we offer a fully integrated and verified tip entry system, that we’ve built from scratch with odds from 35 bookmakers, and our algorithms calculate results and tipster profit often within 10 minutes of a game finishing.

Secondly we’re offering a huge 90% commission to tipsters who are looking to sell their advice to their followers. This is valid for their first three months on the site, but only starts after they make their first sale. It’s still a massively competitive 70% thereafter – we feel tipsters should get the lion’s share of anything they earn

Finally, we value transparency and impartiality. We give users a true picture of the profitability of the tipsters on our platform, and they’re all their own entity – so we’re impartial. As a startup, we’re focussed on this point in particular – we feel we’re in a great position to improve the reputation of this area of the industry.

SBC: How does the verification system work?

Damien: This is the most important aspect of what we do. We ensure that all tips on our system are a attainable at the point of publish. Our technology scours odds from more than 30 bookmakers on around 50 betting markets to tipsters and their followers can get the best odds available.

Once a tip is published it’s there for the public to see, and our system records the result once the game is over and adds it to the tipster’s history. Everything is automated which makes it a lot easier for tipsters to focus on what matters – forecasting winning tips!

SBC: Have you had much interest from betting syndicates?

Damien: More than we had initially anticipated, but it makes sense. We’ve already had syndicates contact us about using our platform as a recruitment tool – which is a great thing for our tipsters.

Syndicates look for the best tipsters, and we’re a great  place for them to easily monitor experts and analyse tipster performance, knowing that they can trust what they see. When you have access to the verified results of a large number of tipsters, you can see why syndicates might be interested in making deals to use it as a way of scouting for the best talent.

SBC: You’ve managed to gain considerable presence pre-launch on social media. How was this achieved and what’s the marketing plan road map? Can we expect partnerships to be announced soon?

Damien: We try to be active on social media, and in the coming months we’ll undoubtedly be much busier! We speak regularly with tipsters and members there. It’s an effective communication tool for for both announcements and customer service. We’ve got a good social presence by offering something interesting to sports bettors – we also stay away from spamming users and try and ensure everything we post offers value, this has certainly helped.

We’ve got a lot to offer potential partners, and we’ve already had discussions about providing a suite of tools that would help our partners make sense of the masses of data we process – so they can analyse the data for themselves based on the criteria that is important to them. We expect to be able to announce a partnership or two later this year.

SBC: Sixteen sports, 50 betting markets and live odds from 35 bookmakers. Will you be looking to expand this offering to include the likes of daily fantasy sports (DFS) and others?

Damien: DFS is huge and despite the issues in America, it looks set to take Europe by storm in the imminent future with Draftkings leading the line. It’s something we’ve spoken about at Tipstrr HQ, but we want to tread carefully and ensure it’s what people want. Esports is one which we’ve  integrated into our new platform at It’s a huge new area that’s still in its infancy, but we’re really looking forward to seeing our first eSports tipsters using our automated verification tool!

We’re already getting odds for Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft 2 – from several bookmakers who have already seen the potential in this new and increasingly popular sport. There are a lot of people who have a lot of knowledge about these sports, but many are unaware just how much money can be made by sharing it. We are excited to see that grow.

SBC: Can you tell us a little about the background of the team behind Tipstrr?

Damien: We are a development-focussed team and employ little in the way of marketing or sales. This was a strategic decision made early on because we believe by offering the best product and paying the largest commissions we will attract people.

If we were to pad our team with 50 more sales or marketing experts, that will inevitably raise costs that would be passed on to the tipsters themselves. This is something we’ve deliberately avoided.

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