SBC News Łukasz Żaguń, iGamingNuts: creative activations are key to World Cup engagement

Łukasz Żaguń, iGamingNuts: creative activations are key to World Cup engagement

The World Cup is one of those incredible sporting events that never fails to unite and capture the attention of fans from across the world. And as bookmakers get ready for nearly four weeks of football action in Qatar, many of them have been intensely focused on channeling that enthusiasm, creating new ways to engage with their players in a creative, innovative fashion. 

iGamingNuts is one such company which is hoping to deliver a fresh and exciting experience for bettors across Poland. But how are they planning to do this? A competition, of course. 

As iGamingNuts seeks to replicate that sense of camaraderie and friendly banter between football fans during the World Cup tournament, the company’s website will be hosting a new contest that will run throughout the tournament, offering awards and new experiences for players. 

Legalni Bukmacherzy, during its arrangements for World Cup 2022, has partnered with five “big name” influencers that operate in the Polish market, many of which are prominent in the sports and entertainment spaces. 

The tournament, iGamingNuts explained, will be divided into multiple rounds and will see players wager on different matches, “especially those involving the Poland National team”.

Łukasz Żaguń, Business Development Manager at iGamingNuts, said: “We want to bring the initiative to a wide audience, not only those who are interested in sports and football. Sport connects people. 

“The World Cup is a time when whole families, people for whom sport is not part of life, sit in stadiums or in front of the TV. The World Cup is a special time.

“We chose influencers who have very large ranges in Poland for our campaign. The rewards we have prepared with them are closely related to them. 

“For their fans, it is supposed to be an opportunity not only to identify with their idol even more, but also to have fun together during the world championships.”

Some of the leading operators across Poland will be engaged with the competition, including Etoto, forBET, LV Bet, SuperBet and TOTALbet, to name a few. These operators will also have exclusive exposure on the social media accounts of the five influencers that have partnered with iGamingNuts.

iGamingNuts explained that some of the activations available during the contest will be closely linked to the different influencers. For example, some may win backstage passes to concerts, access to after parties, and dinners “with their idols”.

By doing this, iGamingNuts believes that it will create a more enjoyable and engaging experience for sports bettors across Poland during the World Cup.

Żaguń added: “As always during such sports events, we cooperate with the largest operators in Poland. This is an opportunity not only to strengthen our cooperation even more, but also to gain new users who will stay with them longer than just for the duration of the championships.

“The competition is quite extensive, but thanks to this, the player has a chance to win really attractive prizes. We really wanted it not to be a competition in which the player can only compete for free bets. We hope that he will appreciate this formula.”

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