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Accuscore launches all-in-one betting info app at BOFCON2019

SBC News Accuscore launches all-in-one betting info app at BOFCON2019
Tuomas Kanervala – Accuscore

Leading sports forecasting and modelling specialist Accuscore will launch its new mobile app at the 2019 ‘Betting on Football Conference’ (19-22 March, Stamford Bridge – London), seeking to deliver the most acute betting predictions to all sports audiences.

In its product breakdown, Accuscore details that it app will feature all relevant user betting engagements and market information including – game predictions, betting odds, match insights and historical analysis.

Furthermore, Accuscore app users will be able to self-customise betting market triggers and notifications before and during the games.

We want to help bettors to make more sophisticated betting decisions with help of our predictions before and during the game”, details  Tuomas Kanervala, CEO of Accuscore.

“When you are using this app, you don’t need to monitor all interesting betting markets at the same time, but you will get a notification when odds are moving over or under the threshold set up by you.”, continues Kanervala

The application shows also expected value based on predictions and odds available. Daily Breaking Betting News from and game statistics are also part of the initial release of the application. All major football leagues are included into this version and NBA basketball will be added by the start of the playoffs followed by NFL, college football and NHL later this year.

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