Anna Motruk: Parimatch Tech’s innovation focus is everywhere

Speed is the winning strategy, according to Parimatch Tech’s Deputy CEO, who outlined that innovation is needed at every level of operation in order to find success.

Sharing her views in an exclusive interview with SBC Media at the SBC Summit Barcelona, Anna Motruk covered a range of topics, including diversification and the importance of localisation. 

The industry is ‘really quick’, Motruk observed, something which in turn requires efficient responses so that a firm remains relevant and its products do not become outdated. 

“It’s everywhere, the development,” she said, referring to Parimatch Tech’s own business focus. “The most exciting things are content, because content is something everyone is fighting about, and it’s about finding content that is useful to each country.

“There are some popular worldwide games, but still there are cultural differences and expectations.

“There are also payment services, and that is down to the speed of everything. Once you get the speed and partners proposed to your customers, speed is the winning strategy here.”

Parimatch is currently undergoing a ‘huge transformation’, Motruk emphasised, as the firm seeks to bolster its B2B tech offering, including in areas outside of its traditional igaming heartland. 

This transformation has begun to offer new opportunities to the firm, the Deputy CEO remarked in Barcelona, due to diversifying its range and scope. 

“Now we have another transformation, and it relates more towards diversification in terms of opening new offices, new R&D centres and B2B development. ,” she informed SBC Media. 

Before it, our platform was somewhat of a top-secret element of our business, but I was happy when I relayed that we could share it and provide it to other people who are interested in it. 

“It’s new country development, new joint ventures to be created, and it’s very exciting. The thing with diversification we have realised in the past nine months is connected to focus. 

“You need to be focused, and if you’re not focused the diversification will be like an explosion, you will go in different directions and not control it.”

Covering multiple other topics, Motruk reflected on her tenure at Parimatch Tech as well as the benefits of signing external partnerships or relying on an in-house team for tech development. 

However, one of the biggest topics of discussion was – with Parimatch Tech being a Kyiv-founded enterprise which has expressed strong pride in its Ukrainian heritage – the ongoing Russian invasion. SBC News Anna Motruk: Parimatch Tech's innovation focus is everywhere

When quizzed on the biggest challenges and opportunities present in the industry, Motruk understandably pointed to the Russo-Ukrainian War as being of major significance to Parimatch Tech. 

“The big one personally will always be the war, and the challenge will be to continue to support the people and the country,” she explained.

“The biggest opportunities I see are joint ventures and collaborations. We have a lot of negotiations with different partners, and they are all very exciting and I hope soon we will announce something big.”

To read more about Parimatch Tech and Ukraine, follow these links to SBC News’ Q&A with Liashko and Deputy CEO Evgen Belousov and the SBC Leaders Magazine interview with company Co-Founder and Chair of the Parimatch Foundation Katerina Biloruska.


SBC News Anna Motruk: Parimatch Tech's innovation focus is everywhere

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