HooYu launches new UX and UI suite for igaming onboarding 

HooYu, a specialist supplier of KYC and ID verification software for high-risk industries, has announced the launch of its new UI and UX tools tailored for igaming incumbents.

The KYC developer’s new suite of UI and UX tools has been designed to ‘increase success rates at the point of sign-up and payout’, for industry incumbents operating across multiple jurisdictions.

The launch of its UI and UX specific tools follows months of testing with leading partners, ensuring that a ‘correct balance’ is maintained by operators fulfilling their KYC duties, whilst improving all components related to player onboarding and registration.  

HooYu reported that its new custom tools have delivered a significant 20% reduction in the sign-up abandonment rate operators have experienced when onboarding new customers.  

A new revamped user interface provides operators with more choice for users completing their sign-up or payout on KYC journeys. In addition, the new HooYu service is able fast-track ‘digitally savvy users’ through their KYC process.    

Furthermore, HooYu’s new tools will provide better support on registration assisting customers with a ‘Journey Hub’, where they can seek help on information and documents to pass their KYC checks.   

HooYu’s new UX tool, the company added, can be modified to identify ‘different user personas’ that may require different levels of support to get across the digital KYC finishing line.

Meanwhile, HooYu’s new UI tool will support operators with icons, buttons, fonts and brand colours, as well as adding custom messages, optimising a player’s journey through KYC processes.

At HooYu, we solve both sides of the customer onboarding equation by helping operators to increase the integrity of KYC and to maximise the success rates of digital sign-up journeys,” said HooYu Marketing Director David Pope.

“We’re grateful to all our clients, that helped us test and refine our new UI and UX tools. Now it’s time to get back into the HooYu lab and start designing the next generation of customer journey tools for tomorrow’s digital punter.”   

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