SBC Talks Data Analytics With Manx Telecom’s Fergal McKenna

fergalSBC business correspondent Mark McGuinness interviews Manx Telecom’s Sales Director Fergal McKenna about the company’s latest big data analytics solution aimed at the i-gaming industry. 

SBC: Fergal it was a pleasure to meet you and the Manx Telecom team at the EiG conference recently. Can you tell us how the show was for you and a bit more about the product?

FM: Intelligent Analytics brings together Manx Telecom’s industry leading hosting capability and Idiro Technologies predictive analytics software. We’ll help clients understand what big data says about their customers, and most importantly, which segments to target for acquisition, retention and growth. This can deliver improved segmentation and identification of high value players, better targeting of direct marketing activity for cross/up-selling, and improve the extent to which gaming providers can leverage off player influence within their social network. In addition, it can help clients to identify and predict player purchase behaviour and defection, and reduce exposure to risk and fraud.

SBC: Manx Telecom have partnered with Idiro Technologies to roll-out this joint data solution? What has feedback been like since the show?

FM: We’re really pleased with the response at executive level and there’s been significant interest which is growing all the time. Idiro Technologies have developed SNA Plus which is an analytical platform based on the principles of Social Network Analysis (SNA). Combined with Manx Telecom’s hosting and telecoms expertise this type of big data analysis has the potential to be applied across a wide range of sectors including retail, banking, utilities, airlines, healthcare and insurance. Initial response to the product confirms our estimation of the potential market.

SBC: Big data is very much the hot topic for CEOs and CTOs at the moment. Why do i-gaming companies require a big data strategy?

FM: Big data is putting even greater demands on IT computing needs across all sectors, but none more so than in i-gaming because of the huge amount data created by billions of transactions which take place every minute of every day. Small and mid-size businesses that used to host their hardware on-site, and large enterprises that previously ran their own data centres, are having to search out new options to adapt to the emerging big data era. It requires massive amounts of computing power, and in most cases the average company isn’t equipped to handle such specialized needs – which is where specialist hosting and analytics providers such as Manx Telecom come in. We are already constructing data centres designed and built to cope with the big data era to meet the expected demand for outsourced big data requirements.

SBC: Manx Telecom is attending and exhibiting at the Social Gambling Conference in London. Why did you choose to attend this event?

FM: The Social Gambling Conference is a focal point for leading businesses in the sector, and as such it’s essential for Manx Telecom to have a strong presence. In addition to being a sponsor of the conference, it is also a perfect arena for us to showcase Intelligent Analytics and to illustrate the advantages it can offer in the social gaming sector. Big data analytics is going to play a significant role in bringing even more innovative ideas to the social gaming market, and we aim to be at the forefront of this development as a leading provider.

SBC: And finally what’s next step for the Manx Telecom big data solution? 

FM: January will see the first phase of our new £10m, 500-rack Tier 3 data center on the Isle of Man. That gives us more capacity to grow our client base when combined with our existing Tier 3 purpose built data centre, with ICE 2014 perfectly timed to push the offering and lead the market with our Intelligent Analytics solution.



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