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‘Bricks, Clicks, and Mobile Wallets’: OKTO CEO Filippos Antonopoulos on the future for retail


It’s human nature to err towards trying again, as opposed to trying different. It’s tempting to think that retail will return to normal if we just simply “try hard enough” to provide a necessary sense of safety, all the while not materially changing much else. This, to me, fails to take stock of what the pandemic really did – what …

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Simon Dorsen, Okto: ‘regulation will be where the buck starts and stops’

In an interview with CasinoBeats.com, Simon Dorsen, director of gaming at Okto Group, has claimed that ‘regulation will be where the buck starts and stops’ in 2020.  Discussing the importance of paying attention to the regulatory hurdles throughout the coming year, Dorsen delved into Europe’s regulatory framework, particularly to suggest how different licenses are required to limit the movement of …

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